Butcher BBQ Rub Range

Butcher BBQ Rubs

We want to share with you one of the best rubs in the market - the Butcher BBQ Rub range. These rubs are huge in the States and here in Australia; this is one of the most used rubs in the Competition Circuit. 



First rub (and one of our favourites) is "Grilling Addiction". We used this in our Steak Cook-Off Association Steaks and had great success. This rub is MSG based and had a little bit more additives however it gives a great flavour on the meat. You can use this rub in conjunction with other rubs and test some great combinations.








The rub we use on ribs is the "Honey Rub". It has no heat but its sweetness will surely add a great layer of flavour into your meat. It will also help you infuse the flavour and allow you to slow smoke or grill it, without burning the meat. This is great for chicken and ribs but can be also used on beef.








Next is the "Premium Rub". As the name suggests, this is premium and amazing on everything. This is formulated to use in conjunction with any Butcher BBQ Injections. The sweet taste will allow you to retain all the flavours and juices of the meat. 








The "Savoury Pecan" is great on anything including seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken and more. We personally love this on fish as it adds depth to the flavour.









Next on the list is the "Private Seasoning" rub. It has the exact amount of spices and highlights the flavour of the meat. The flavour is complex but you can use this on steaks or in low and slow cooking. 








Another one is the "Sweet Chipotle Rub". This is perfect for you if you like it sweet but not savoury. It has brown sugar as the base with the exact amount of chipotle flavour. The sweetness is the key that allows the flavour of the chipotle to shine through without all the heat; a true Sweet Chipotle rub like no other.








The "Steak and Brisket Rub" has the authentic flavour of Texas Brisket. We use this together with the Grilling Addiction rub and it yields really great results. You can also try it on vegetables and other meat cuts.








The "Smoked Chipotle Seasoning" is phenomenal and can make your food unforgettable. This can help you add a smokey flavour to your meat even if you are grilling. Great rub for use with chicken, beef, pork and more.








The "Wild Cherry Seasoning" is definitely one of our favourites as well. The wild cherry sweetness will melt into your food and will become addictive. This is a very versatile rub and can be used in any cut of meat.








Last but not least is the "Longhorn Dust". This rub needs to be in your steak. The rich flavour of beef and salt will bring the mouth-watering flavour on your meat. This can be used on steak, brisket and even that medium cooked prime rib. Dust it right on the meat or use it when you're pulling meat off the open flame for that added finishing touch of greatness.









All of these rubs are great and if, when the time comes, you have a hard time deciding which rub you will try don't worry because we also have the "Sample Pack" available. They come in little samples with all 9 rubs in the range and it's a really good start up pack! 




You can also check the whole range of Butcher BBQ's products available through BBQ Spit Rotisseries here. 



Cameron Davidson   By: Cameron Davidson