Cyprus Grill Review

Cyprus Grills - Which One To Choose?


Cyprus grills got their name as the original design of turning several rotisserie skewers simultaneously originated in Cyprus. Nowadays, they are found throughout the world by all people of all nationalities and most of the designs have evolved to suit. 


As this style of spit roasting becomes more mainstream, more models are being introduced into the market and customers are given more choice. I personally have cooked with a wide range of Cyprus Grills and after years of trial and error, we decided to stock the Flaming Coals range due to their superior quality, added durability and extra bells and whistles. 



In the store. I am frequently asked what is the difference between the Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Grill, the Flaming Coals Original Cyprus Grill and our competitors Cypriot style spits. While there are some subtle differences between the 2 Flaming Coals models, the Flaming Coals models compared to other branded models are worlds apart.


Cyprus Grill


To assist customers, I put together a checklist to highlight the differences in inclusions, material thicknesses etc, but for those of you whom prefer to watch and listen rather than read, I thought a short video would also be useful.




As you can see in the video, the Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Grill is on the left, the competitors model is in the middle and the Flaming Coals Original Cyprus Spit is on the right. The most obvious difference is that the Flaming Coals Cyprus Spits are much taller so the skewers are at a more workable height. It certainly saves bending own while basting or carving and especially barbecue grilling!



Another difference was in the thickness of material used on the body and skewers. The Flaming Coals kebab skewers are 4 and 5mm thick compared to the competitors 2.5mm thick. While the large skewers on the Flaming Coals Original Cyprus Grill was the same 8mm thickness as the competitors, the Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Grill has extra strong 10mm thick skewers. You’ll also see that the competitors spit only has 11 kebab skewers instead of 12 kebab skewers. The thickness of the body for the Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus is 3mm compared to the Flaming Coals Original and the competitors Cyprus Spit being 2mm.



All 3 models have adjustable height functionality for the 3 large skewers by using a simple lever system, however only the Flaming Coals Cyprus Spits have adjustable kebab skewers, as well as adjustable height functionally for the BBQ cooking grill.



When it comes to accessories, the Flaming Coals models come with far more inclusions at the advertised price. The Deluxe Cyprus Grill comes with wheels, a cover, a cooking thermometer, 2 prongs, 2 disks, a basket and grill and a warming rack. The Original Cyprus Spit model comes with wheels, a cover, a cooking thermometer, 6 prongs and a grill. The competitors product does not include the grill or any accessories. Just the 11 kebab skewers and 3 large skewers.  All 3 models come with 2 motors, although the Flaming Coals model comes with 2 electric motors rather than one of them being battery operated.



The Flaming Coals Cyprus Grills are painted with high-temperature paint (the same used on fry pans) so the paint will not burn off during cooking. Coating products with high-temperature paint that won’t burn off is 4 times more expensive than using regular paint which is why most manufacturers don’t bother using it.



The fire boxes of the Flaming Coals models were specifically designed for added strength by adding in an extra fold. This extra fold in the fire box adds significant strength and prevents bending and warping during use.



If you’re wanting a Cyprus Grill that comes with everything you need straight out of the box, that is functional and will last the test of time, I highly recommend one of the Flaming Coals models. If you’re after something that you can use regularly and pass down to your children, I’d recommend the Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Spit. Now you may think that I’m biased because we sell the Flaming Coals models, but having previously imported spit roasters from Greece and other parts of China, I can guarantee you that the Flaming Coals Cyprus Grills are the best of their kind in the sub-$500 price range. Don't take my word for it, hear what our customers have to say.












by: Rhiannon Peterson