How to balance a lamb on a a spit / EXTRA

How to balance a lamb on a spit

In this video we show you how to balance your meat on a spit rotisserie so that it cooks evenly and doesn't place unnecessary strain on the motor.

For meats that aren't somewhat cylindrical such as rolled roasts, gyros and chickens you will need to counteract the weight of the animal's torso and legs or for large topside roasts and leg roasts with the bone attached. This is achieved by using a counter balance weight.


1. Once you've skewered your meat, turn the meat around as if it was on the spit itself until you find the heaviest part of the meat drops suddenly.

2. Next you will need to slide the counter balance weight onto the skewer, point it directly up and tighten it.

3. Repeat the turning of the skewer to check if you need to adjust the counter balance weight. The further the weighted section is away from the skewer, the greater the weight it counteracts.

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