How to cook a whole Chicken on a Kettle Rotisserie

This image shows two chickens cooked on SNS Kettle BBQ


There are very few things in life that rival the incredible smell and flavour of chicken gyros cooked over fire. In this article, we are going to teach you how to prepare gyro on a kettle rotisserie that your friends and family will be talking about for weeks to come! 




  1. 2 x whole chickens (medium)
  2. Butter
  3. Breadcrumbs
  4. Flaming Coals Clucking Mad BBQ Rub
  5. Flaming Coals Traditional Lamb BBQ Rub


Preparing the chickens: 


1. Using a paper towel pat the chickens dry from any excess moisture


This image shows 2 whole chickens


2. Season the chickens using Flaming Coals Clucking Mad BBQ rub, remember to coat the chicken evenly for the best results


This image shows two whole chicken seasoned with Flaming Coals Rub


3. Stuff the chicken with a combination of breadcrumbs, clucking mad and traditional lamb rub


This image shows a whole chicken stuff with Flaming coals rub


4. Place the first chicken onto the skewer and fasten using the prong. Flip the skewer and place the second chicken in the opposite direction to ensure the skewer is balanced when spinning. 



This image shows whole chicken placed on the skewer


Cooking gyro: 


1. Light a chimney of Flaming Coals Lump charcoal and pour into the base of your kettle bbq. 


This image shows a lump charcoal poured in the Kettle BBQ


2. Place the skewer onto the kettle rotisserie ring and switch on the motor, ensuring you have balanced the chickens properly. 

3. Monitor the heat and adjust the amount of charcoal being used to ensure you don’t overcook the food. 


This image shows the whole chickens cook in the SNS Kettle Bbq


4. Once the internal temperature reaches 75 degrees celsius remove the skewer, take off the chickens and serve immediately. 


This image shows cooked whole chickens on SNS Kettle BBQ


Enjoy your flavour packed chickens! Have any questions or want to know more about the products we used today? Our team would love to help you! Give us a call or come in the store! 

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by: Michael Wilkie