How to cook Amazing Barramundi on a Spit Rotisserie

This image shows two Barramundi cooked in Cyprus Spit


Barramundi is an Aussie favourite! This tasty recipe will help you achieve amazing barramundi that has a delicate & sweet, buttery flavour. 


Barramundi is such a fantastic option for cooking on a spit rotisserie, you’ll achieve an incredible flavour from cooking over fire, whatsmore even the kids will love this recipe because barramundi is one of those fish that doesn’t necessarily have the ‘fishy’ flavour. 


This image shows Barramundi cooked in Flaming Coals Cyprus Spit Roaster


Barramundi over live fire is in our opinion the best way to do it! (We might be a little biassed). 


Barramundi is naturally a very delicate fish that needs minimal cooking time to achieve perfection, so this recipe is perfect for a midweek cook where you need to get dinner on the table quickly!

We are using the Flaming Coals Cyprus spit roaster on today's cook, simply for its extreme versatility and performance. We are utilising the large spit rotisserie cage to turn our fish. 


  1. Lemon juice
  2. Butter
  3. Barramundi (whole)
  4. Kosmos Q SPG rub 


Step 1: Prepare your spit rotisserie basket by attaching it to the skewer


Step 2: Season the inside and outside of your barramundi with the Kosmos Q SPG rub (salt, pepper & garlic). The perfect accompaniment to this fish. 


This image shows Barramundi seasoned with Kosmos Q SPG rub


Step 3: Add a prelit chimney of lump charcoal into your spit rotisserie



Step 4: Begin spinning your basket, sit back with a tinny or two and wait for the charcoal to do its magic. 


This image shows Barramundi in the rotisserie basket cooked in Cyprus spit


Step 5: You’ll know the barramundi is ready when the internal temperature reaches 145F or 62C. Roughly a 25-35 minute cook depending on the intensity of your charcoal. 


Another way to test for doneness, is to use a fork to piece the thickest point and twist gently. If it is done, the dish will flake easily and lose its translucent appearance.

Step 8: Serve and enjoy 


This image shows cooked barramundi-Served



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by: Michael Wilkie