How to Cook Delicious Prawns on a Spit Rotisserie

This image shows delicious prawns cooked in Cyprus spit Rotisseries.


Is there anything more Australian than the saying ‘put another shrimp on the barby’? Well today we are showing our national pride by teaching you how to cook the most delicious prawns on a spit rotisserie. 


This gorgeous prawn recipe is SUPER EASY to recreate; if you're lucky enough you’ll have a beachfront setting surrounded by family and friends. We highly recommend a chilled bottle of wine and crusty bread! 


Let’s jump right into it, prawns on a spit rotisserie. You’ll need the following:


  1. Lemon juice
  2. Olive oil
  3. Garlic
  4. Chopped Dill
  5. Prawns (we are using king)
  6. Kosmos Q ‘The Best’ Garlic Jalapeño 

Step 1: Marinade your prawns in a container of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and chopped dill. Place the container in the fridge for 10 minutes. 


This image shows marinated prawns


Step 2: Season with Kosmos Q ‘The Best’ Garlic Jalapeño to taste


This image shows prawns seasoned with The Best Garlic Jalapeno Rub


Step 3: Thread 5-6 prawns onto your kebab skewers 


This image shows prawns being thread to skewer


Step 4: Load your skewers onto the spit rotisserie in a low position over the coals



Step 5: Keep an eye on them! They won’t take long at all.

Step 6: Remove from the spit rotisserie once they achieve a golden brown appearance


This image shows cooked prawns removed from Spit Rotisserie.


Step 7: Baste with melted butter before serving (optional)


This image shows prawns basted with melted butter



Step 8: Devour as many as you can with a glass of wine and crusty bread. 


This image shows delicious prawns- Served



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by: Michael Wilkie