How to cook Mexican inspired Chicken Tacos using an SnS Kettle

This image shows a Mexican Tacos


Step 1 - Begin by lighting your chimney of charcoal. 


Step 2 - Begin preparing your pico de gallo by dicing fresh tomatoes and onion. Place in a bowl and squeeze lime juice over the top. Mix thoroughly. Dice jalapenos leaving the seeds in and add to the bowl. 


This image shows a sliced tomatoes and onions placed in a bowl


Step 3 - Season both sides of your chicken thighs with the Slow Burner BBQ Turbo Tex Mex


This image shows a seasoned chicken thighs


Step 4 - Slice the avocado and pinch together to reveal the avocado slits. 


This image shows a sliced avocado


Step 5 - Prepare your chilli mayo sauce by combining traditional mayo, sour cream and your choice of hot sauce, today we are using Heat Beads ‘Get it in ya’ Hot Sauce. Combine in a squeeze bottle, mix thoroughly and adjust the quantities until your desired taste is achieved. 


This image shows a tradtional Mayo, Sour cream and hot sauce


Step 6 - Toast your tortillas over the charcoal and place to the side. 


This image shows two pieces of tortilla place on kettle grill


Step 7 - Place your chicken thighs on the indirect heat side of the kettle (opposite side to the SnS charcoal basket). 


This image shows chicken thighs on cooked on SNS Kettle


Step 8 - Cook your chicken flipping once until your internal temperature hits 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Move your chicken directly over the charcoal to finish cooking. 


This image shows chicken thighs placed on direct heat


Step 9 - Dice your chicken and begin assembling your tacos!


This image shows a diced chicken thighs

This images Mexican Tacos Served



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by: Michael Wilkie