How to Cook Pork Belly Bao Buns using a Flaming Coals Cyprus

This image shows Pork Bao Bun


Step 1 - Season your pork belly with Slow Burner BBQ Tenka Suru and place into the Flaming Coals Rotisserie Basket


This image shows a seasoned pork cubes


Step 2- Pour your chimney of charcoal into the Flaming Coals Cyprus and attach the rod and basket to the skewer mount.


This image shows a Cyprus Spit with Pork inside of the Rotisserie Basket

Step 2 - Chop your chilli’s, spring onions, carrot and cabbage and place to the side.


This image shows a sliced carrots, chili, onions leaves and cabbage


Step 3 - Make the sauce for your pork belly by combining honey, ponzu sauce and tonkatsu sauce - mix thoroughly in a bowl. 


This image shows a honey, Tonkatsu and Ponzu sauce


Step 4 - Pour your sauce over the pork belly and diced into cubes 


This images shows a sauce poured in the pork cubes


Step 5 - Warm your bao buns (either in the microwave or by steaming). 


This image shows two pieces of pork bao bun and Slow Burner Rub


Step 6 - Begin assembling your bao buns with the cabbage, carrot, spring onions and chillies. Add mayo if desired.


This image shows pork bao bun


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by: Michael Wilkie