How to make Souvlaco’s using the Flaming Coals Offset Smoker

This image shows Souvlaco


Step 1: Make a simple salad using cherry tomatoes, red onion, jalapenos, endives, olive oil and sea salt flakes. 


This image shows sliced tomatoes and Jalapeños

This image shows sliced onions and lettuce


Step 2: Combine the chopped ingredients into a bowl, season with the sea salt flakes and drizzle the olive oil.

This image shows the combined ingredients of Souvlaco

This image shows souvlaco ingredients seasoned with salt and oil.


Step 3: Create your sauce, combine greek style yoghurt, chipotle chilli powder and jalapenos in a bowl and mix. 


This image shows Greek Yoghurt

This image shows sliced chipotle, greek yoghurt and chili powder


Step 4: Heat and prepare your tortillas over the firebox in the Flaming Coals offset smoker. When they are beautifully charred remove and begin assembling your Souvlaco’s. 


This image shows tortilla heated in the offsetsmoker


Step 5: Add the fresh salad, pulled lamb shoulder, squeeze with lemon juice and then sauce. 


This image shows the fresh salad added into tortilla

This image shows pulled lamb and fresh salad added to tortilla

This image shows Westy form Slow Burner Bbq squeezing some lemon juice to the Souvlaco


Step 6: Finish by sprinkling with Aleppo pepper.

This image shows Westy from Slow Burner Bbq holding the Aleppo Pepper

There you have it! Not quite souvlaki, not quite a taco! It’s a Souvlaco!