How to Roast Chestnuts on a Spit Roaster!

This image shows chestnuts being roast in the spit roaster


In this blog you will learn how to roast Chestnuts on a spit roaster or charcoal grill in two simple methods. Whether you are roasting chestnuts for yourself or to treat the whole family with a delicious snack, this step-by-step guide will teach you how to get the BEST tasting chestnuts ever. 


During the colder months in Australia, we are spoiled here at BBQ Spit Rotisseries as the boss has a high yielding tree that provides enough chestnuts for us all to stuff our faces with this delicious treat! If you're not as lucky as us, you can hit your local supermarket to buy some! 


While there are multiple methods to cooking chestnuts, we believe roasting them over an open fire is the ONLY way to do them justice! (we may be a little biased). 


Tools you will need 


We will be roasting our chestnuts two ways in today’s cook, both over a bed of coal in our spit roaster. The first involves a rotisserie cage, and this just tumbles the chestnuts until they are ready. The second, involves using the Flaming Coals Chestnut Roaster Skillet over the coals. 


This image shows chestnuts on a rotisserie tumbler

This image shows chestnuts on Flaming Coals Chestnuts roaster Skillet


Both methods are simple, safe and render great results! Both pieces of equipment are great investments! Remember you can cook so much more in both of them, you're not limited to chestnuts. 

You’re going to need a sharp serrated knife, to score the chestnuts. You can have a look at our range of knives here. 



What should I pay attention to when buying chestnuts? Pick chestnuts one by one, making sure they are free of blemishes and are consistent in size (this will help with even roasting). They should be moist but not wet. Also ensure they are free of mold.  

Prep is simple! 

  1. Score an X: this is probably the MOST important step and should not be skipped. To do so, place the flat side of the chestnut down on a cutting board. Secure it in between your index finger and thumb. Score the round side of the nut horizontally creating a ½ to 1-inch cut, making sure to cut through the skin and the fuzzy inner skin without going too deep into the chestnut meat. 
  2. Soak: Soaking them for an hour or so helps with peeling after they are roasted. When ready, drain and set them aside. No need to dry. 



Basket Method

1. Light your fire and pour the charcoal into your spit roaster

2. Pour your scored and soaked chestnuts into the basket cage and place on the skewer and then onto the spit. 


This image shows chestnuts cooked on a spit rotisserie


3. It will take around 12 minutes to cook the chestnuts. When they are edging completion you will notice the X score expanding. 

4. Remove from the fire 


This image shows chestnuts being removed in the fire


Skillet Method

1. Light your fire and pour the charcoal into the spit roaster

2. Place chestnuts flat side down in the now-hot cast iron skillet in a single layer: Depending on the type of chestnuts, they should start opening up as soon as they hit the pan. Be patient as the chestnuts roast and wait for them to fully burst open. Make sure to watch closely, as chestnuts can burn easily.


This image shows chestnuts being cooked using the cast iron skillet


3. Remove from the fire


How To Tell If My Chestnuts Are Fully Cooked?

To check doneness, you can do two things: 


  1. Make sure they burst open
  2. Test one by peeling the outer shell. If it is soft and buttery with a nice chewy bite, you are good to go. 


Enjoy your delicious Chestnuts hot from the spit rotisserie! 


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by: Michael Wilkie