How to prepare Pico de Gallo

This image shows Pico De Gallo


Hi guys, Kieran here from Q ‘n Up BBQ and today I’ll be showing you how I make my Pico de Gallo salsa – a great tomato-based salsa perfect for tacos or nachos.

For this recipe, we’ll start with a kilo of Roma tomatoes. Cut the ends off and dice roughly. The more rustic the better. Add these to a tray.


This image shows tomatoes, peppers and onions.


Next, finely dice two Spanish onions and add to the tomatoes. Next is the jalapeno – cut the tops off, deseed and finely dice – we’ll use 5 of these.


This image shows cut onions and jalapenos


This image shows sliced onions and jalapenos


The last ingredient is a bunch of fresh coriander. You can choose to finely chop or roughly chop these – up to you, but always cut my hand, not a machine. The blades from a food processor or blender will bruise the leaves while hand cutting ensures the natural flavour and juices remain.


This image shows a bunch of fresh corainder


Add the jalapeno and coriander to the bowl of tomato & onion, season with salt and pepper.

Add a little olive oil as well as red wine vinegar, plus a squeeze of lime juice to balance everything out. Toss everything through the bowl until coated evenly. Best served chilled!


This image shows Pico De Gallo










by: Keiran Bianco