Why I love my Cyprus spit

This image shows Deluxe Foukou Cyprus Grill Spit


Recently I purchased a Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus spit, this by far is the best spit roaster ever produced and I’ll tell you why. 


Versatility - This spit roaster is very multifunctional. I can use it as a charcoal grill, a rotisserie to cook roasts or gyros and comes with a wide range of accessories like a basket which is fantastic to cook chicken wings in. The 12 smaller skewers are a great addition that we use regularly to cook kebabs, corn, and vegetables. 


This image shows gyros and kebab cooked in the Cyprus Spit

This image shows vegetables and beef cooked in Cyprus Spit Roaster


Reliable - Deluxe Cyprus comes with 2 motors. One for the top 3 long skewers and another for the bottom 12 kebab skewers. The great thing about getting the 2nd motor is that in the unlikely event of one failing mid-cook you can use the other one as a backup. 


This image shows Cyprus Spit Roaster with Motor


Easy to set up - Coming with an instruction manual, set up and maintenance is easy. 


Easy to use - Easy height adjustment setting, letting you control the cook. 


Easy to maintain - Give it a simple wipe-down after each cook and it will continue to look great. Spare parts are available in case you need to replace anything. The charcoal pan protects the main body of the spit and makes cleaning the ash quick and easy. 


This image shows Cyprus Spit with charcoal pan


Access to recipes and how to blog - The BBQ Spit rotisseries website has lots of information on how to cook on the best spit roaster as well as a ton of recipes you can download and use


Great food - Cooking on charcoal gives you lots of different flavours and styles of cooking which can be easily learnt, even by beginners. 


This image shows Salmon cooked on Cyprus Spit Rotisserie


Help is only a phone call or email away - The team at BBQ Spit Rotisseries are always on hand to support you with all your questions and provide you with expert advice. 


Make catering for a large number of people easily with this compact and versatile unit. Create many great memories with family and friends with great food to share around! The Flaming Coals Cyprus spit is clearly the best spit roaster for all your needs.


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by: Jason Blooms