BBQ Rotisserie Kits for a Gas BBQ

BBQ Rotisserie Kit for a Gas BBQ FAQs

If you have just purchased a Rotisserie kit for your barbecue and are not sure how to mount it then continue reading and we will give you some help on how to install a rotisserie kit to your BBQ.

Chances are that your gas BBQ already has holes on the side of the BBQ that is designed for screwing rotisserie mounting brackets, if so then this will make the installation of your rotisserie kit a lot easier. If you purchased a quality universal BBQ rotisserie kit then the mounting brackets that came with the spit kit should be universal with multiple screw holes and slots to help you accommodate the screw holes on your gas BBQ. What you need to do is line up the brackets over these holes, starting with the motor bracket and ensure that when the BBQ rotisserie motor is mounted the skewer clears the top edge of the BBQ. When you are happy with the location screw it in place but do not tighten the screws. Next, mount the opposite side and ensure that the skewer sits level. When you are happy with its location, tighter all the screws.

If your BBQ does not have mounting screws then you will need to drill these yourself. Follow the same steps above on how to mount a rotisserie kit to your BBQ and use a marker to mark where the screw holes should go. When trying to figure out this location, also take into account how the lid of your BBQ will close with the rotisserie kit attached. Next, drill the holes and attach the mounting brackets. 

When cooking with a rotisserie kit on your gas BBQ, it is highly recommended to close the lid. Gas does not get as hot as charcoal so it is necessary to close the hood and keep as much heat as possible in the BBQ. If you are using charcoal to cook a rotisserie then it is not necessary and not recommended to cook with a closed lid. BBQ charcoal gets extremely hot and closing the lost will burn the outside of your meat while the inside stays raw. The only exception to this is when cooking gyros, since you are carving the meat as you cook it, the extra heat will help cook the outside quicker hence reducing the carving time between cooks, however, if you are not in a rush then it is better to cook the meat with a lower heat so it cools through. Don't forget to take a look at our great Gyros season.  

If you have already purchased a rotisserie kit then chances are that it has already come with all the necessary accessories that you need. If you are looking at expanding the functionality of your rotisserie then we recommend you browse through our range of Jumbuck mini spit accessories.  

There are so many variables that come into play when cooking on a rotisserie and trying to estimate the cooking time. The 4 factors that greatly affect your cooking time are the distance your meat is from the heat source, the ambient temperature you are cooking in, whether or not it is windy and if you are cooking with gas, how often you open the lid to have a look. 

Generally speaking, it will take 60 - 90 minutes to cook a chicken on a rotisserie in your BBQ. If you are cooking in your gas BBQ, make sure you have your gas set to high and keep the lid closed. If you are cooking on charcoal, the height that the chicken should be above your charcoal is the distance at which you can hold your hand for about 6 to 7 seconds before it's too hot and you need to remove it. Whatever the situation, make sure your chicken reached an internal temperature of 75°c before you remove it. To assist you in monitoring the temperature of your meat while cooking, check out our range of BBQ cooking thermometers.

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Author: Rhiannon Peterson   Date Posted: 14 September 2015

Before investing in a stand alone rotisserie, why not buy a BBQ rotisserie attachment for your existing BBQ to see whether it's something you enjoy. This is an inexpensive way to truely test the waters whether spit roasting is for you...