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Radiant Heaters


Radiant heaters are becoming the heater of choice for the Aussie backyard with more customers choosing to ceiling or wall mount their radiant heaters so they are out of the way. Unlike gas heaters, radiant heaters are affixed to either a ceiling or a wall so you'll never trip over them, need to move them out of the way or have to usher the kids away or they don't burn themselves.

Radiant heaters are powered by electricity so once they're wired up, you'll never have to worry about running out of gas on a cold winters night.

Some of the benefits of radiant heaters include:

  • No glowing elements
  • Cost effective to run
  • Ok to get the occasional splash of water
  • No internal moving parts
  • Silent

Not sure what size you need or how many? Email us through your measurements, ceiling height and whether your area is covered in on any sides and we'll calculate what we think the right radiant heater is right for you.


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