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Ceramic Kamado BBQ - SnS Grills

The Most Versatile Kamado on the Market

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The Ceramic Kamado BBQ - SnS Grills is the most adaptable Kamado BBQ out there! It has been designed to give you the best performance you can get from a Kamado BBQ. Add the slow n Sear and then nothing on the current market can compete.

Ceramic Kamado BBQ - SnS Grills 


The Ceramic Kamado BBQ - SnS Grills combines all of the desirable qualities of a high-quality Kamado cooker but on top comes with extra benefits and features to give you the best performance you can get from a Kamado BBQ. No more functional gaps or limitations of the traditional Kamado! You may have had many BBQs until now, but this will be the last you even need to purchase and is the best upgrade for your Weber Kettle BBQ. It can do it all!

If you'd Like to read more about the Kamado made by SnS Grills, check out the this write up listing more of the SNS Ceramic Kamado BBQ additional features


The thick, insulated walls of today's kamado-style grills, which are based on centuries-old design, are popular for their superior heat retention. Traditionally a one-zone cooking atmosphere is produced by placing coals in the bottom part of the cooker and placing food on a top cooking grate. Whether cooking low and slow or at temperatures above 700°F for searing, the temperature is consistent across the grill's cooking surface.

The Slow ‘N Sear® Kamado Grill has all of the sought-after characteristics of a high-quality kamado cooker but has one additional accessory that separates it from the rest. By using the supplied patented Slow ‘N Sear® Charcoal holder inside the cooking chamber, this, in turn, creates a true two-zone cooking environment inside your kamado. It means it has dedicated smoking and searing zones that is better than any other kamado on the market and a scorching hot Sear zone right above the coals. Even with these extra features, the SnS Kamado still retains all of the baking & roasting versatility you've come to expect from a kamado style cooker. 

This image shows how the cooking zones work on a Ceramic Kamado BBQ . It compares the traditional Kamado setup with the true to zone setup available in the SNS Slow n Sear Kamado

When using the patented Slow ‘N Sear inside the cooking chamber, this Kamado creates a true two-zone cooking atmosphere that offers better smoking and searing zones than any other kamado on the market, while still providing all of the baking/roasting flexibility you've come to expect from a Kamado.


  • Quality components - Premium ceramic construction - cordierite (50%) for maximum heat retention and long-lasting durability. 
  • SNS Grills kiln the bowl at a hotter temperature and longer time compared to others. This ensures that cracking is not an issue.
  • Great temperature control and extreme efficiency
  • Versatility - It can cook anything from burgers, venison, pork butt, tenderloin, pizza, ribs, wings, smoked turkey or veggie 
  • Mobile structure - SnS Grills Kamado has rolling casters on all four legs (front locking) so you can move it around as you please but also keeping it stable.
  • 2 x heavy duty spring-loaded hinges for an easy and comfortable up/down motion
  • Thicker than usual high-temperature gasket ensures the lid closes to a leak-proof seal
  • 2 x collapsible, weather-resistant side shelves for an extra 460 sq.in.of table space (equipped with stainless steel hinges and brackets)
  • Ceramic Deflector Plate to evenly distribute the heat around the oven and minimise any hotspots.
  • Slow n Sear Original allows you to create a true two-zone cooking environment
  • Slow n Sear has a built-in Water reservoir to add moisture to your cooks as required

This inmage explain how Turboslow works in the sns kamado smoker

Included in this standard edition:

  • 1 x Slow ‘N Sear® Kamado Grill made of premium ceramic
  • 1 x Cradle made of Premium stainless steel for maximum stability 
  • 1 x 22” EasySpin™ Grill Grate  
  • 2 x Side shelves made of premium HDPP (high-density polypropylene) 
  • 1 x Upper charcoal grate made of Stainless steel 
  • 1 x Lower charcoal grate made of Cast iron 
  • 1 x Ceramic deflector plate
  • 1 x Ash tool


  • Assembled product height: 1219.2mm
  • Assembled product width (with shelves extended): 1397mm
  • Assembled product depth: 762mm
  • Assembled product weight: 104.78kg
  • Cooking area: 57cm
  • Body Thickness: 30mm
  • MK 2 Variant


Highly Recommended

To get the most out of the Ceramic Kamado BBQ with the included Slow n Sear Original Charcoal tray, we highly recommend you consider purchasing the Sns Drip n Roast Pan to create the perfect 2 zone cooking environment and assist with the messy cleaning up, as well as the Elevated Grill Grate to increase the available grilling area in your Kamado cooker.

This image shows the SnS Kamado BBQ Australia in use cooking vegetables and chicken. The Slow n Sear Charcoal tray creates the perfect 2 zone environment for smoking and searing.

Please note: The image above shows the Drip ‘N Griddle Pan, the Elevated Cooking Grate and a cast iron pan that are NOT included in this package.


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  • Assembled product height: 1219.2mm
  • Assembled product width (with shelves extended): 1397mm
  • Assembled product depth: 762mm
  • Assembled product weight: 104.78kg
  • Cooking area: 57cm
  • Body Thickness: 30mm
Barcode # 019962699948
Brand SNS Grills
Shipping Weight 105.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.850m
Shipping Height 0.700m
Shipping Length 0.970m
Shipping Cubic 0.577150000m3
Type BBQ Smoker