Lamb On The Spit for Easter

Cooking Lamb on the Spit for Easter

Stuck for ideas what to cook this Easter?

Why not give a whole lamb on a spit a try?

Like a lot of Greek families, we typically follow the age old tradition of cooking a whole lamb on the spit to celebrate most special occasions. There's something memorable about the whole family getting together, ogling over the sight of a full lamb turning for 4 hours over charcoal (trying to pinch that little bit of meat as it turns - without burning yourself!)


To help make it as easy as possible for you to cook a lamb on a spit this Easter, we've put together a "How To Cook a Lamb on a Spit" instructional video which breaks down each step for you to easily follow. 



Check our recipe How to Cook a Traditional Greek Whole Lamb on a Spit. 

If you're still not confident in cooking a whole lamb on the spit, there are many other ways you could cook lamb on a spit this Easter:

  • Butterfly a leg of lamb and cook it in a rotisserie basket
  • Cook a leg of lamb (or 2) and secure it with prongs to the rotisserie skewer
  • Fillet pieces of lamb shoulder and cook it gyros style with gyros discs
  • Chop the lamb in half and cook either the back or front half

We have a range of lamb spit roast recipes in our Learning and Support Centre

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by: Rhiannon Peterson