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Pizza Oven Tool Set with Stand - Flaming Coals

Stainless steel complete pizza tool kit including stand

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You can't make pizza without the right tools and accessories, well you can, but to make the process easier and more enjoyable you need the correct tools. This Pizza Oven Tool Set with Stand has all the essential tools for cooking in a woodfired pizza oven

Flaming Coals Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Tool Kit with Stand


This Pizza oven tool combo pack includes:

Like everything in life, if you have the right tools for the job then the job will be easier. With that in mind, Flaming Coals has put together a pizza oven tool set with stand that has all the essential peels and tools you will need when cooking pizzas in a wood-fired pizza oven. This kit includes tools that are actually used by pizza cheffs in pizza restaurants and are not just gimmicks or tools that are not required. I can guarantee that if you own a woodfired pizza oven then you will utilise all of the tools in this pizza oven tool kit. 

With this 6-piece stainless steel complete pizza tool/accessory kit (1 shovel, 1 rake,1 peel, 1 brush, 1 spinner and a free-standing pizza tool rack), you'll be cooking pizzas to perfection and enjoying the process along the way. These essential pizza oven accessories will help you cook easily, safely and serve up pizza swiftly. 


Let's briefly cover these pizza oven tools and their benefits

Pizza Oven Brush

Depending on the style of pizza oven you own, you can light the fire to the side of the oven, or on the section where you are going to cook so the bricks heat up quickly for a crispier pizza base. Once the fire is lit and burning, just before you are about to cook, use the pizza oven brush to sweep the hot coals and burning timber to the back of the oven and clean the surface on which your pizzas will be cooked. After your cook is over and the pizza oven has cooled down, you can also use the brush to sweep out the ash and unburnt coal, getting it ready for your next cook. 


this image shows a Flaming Coals Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Brush


Pizza oven Charcoal Rake

The charcoal rake is used you move the hot coal around your oven or to rearrange any timber in the oven for a better hotter fire. On the contrary, you can use it to spread the hot coals around the edges of the pizza oven for less intense more even heat distribution. 

This image shows a Charcoal|Wood Rake for Pizza Ovens and Fireplaces


Large Pizza Peel

The pizza peel is used to slide your pizzas into the pizza oven and to remove them after they are ready. Simply make the pizzas on your bench then slide the peel under it to transfer the pizzas to the hot pizza oven. 

This is a picture of the stainless steel pizza peel removing a pizza from a wood fired pizza oven


Pizza Spinner Turner

The pizza spinner/turner is one of the most important tools you can have for your wood fired pizza oven. When pizzas ovens reach 450°C or more your pizza doesn't need to stay in the oven for long and usually, there is a hot spot. The pizza spinner is used to rotate your pizza while you are cooking it to ensure the pizza is cooked evenly all around. 

This image shows pizza spinner being used to rotate pizzas in a wood fired pizza oven.


Ash/ Charcoal Shovel

This is used to help you clean out the ash and charcoal from your pizza oven. Just use the supplied broom to sweep up the ash and charcoal into this shovel while cleaning.

This image shows a Flaming Coals Stainless Steel Ash Shovel for Pizza Ovens&Fireplaces


Pizza oven tool Rack

One thing that people overlook when buying pizza tools is the rack that it comes with if any at all. So many pizza tool racks need to be wall-mounted. This means they are usually not close by when you need them. The Flaming Coals Pizza oven tool rack is freestanding so you can move it right next to the pizza oven so all your tools are waiting within arm's reach while cooking.

This image shows all the pizza tools in the flaming coals pizza oven tool rack.


Pizza Oven Tool Kit pecifications:

  • Shovel - Head size:20.2x17.6cm, Handle length:79.8cm, Total length: 100cm
  • Brush - Head size:20x6.8cm, Handle length:93.2cm, Total length: 100cm
  • Peel - Head size:30x35cm, Handle length:64cm, Total length: 99cm
  • Spinner - Head diameter: 25cm, Handle length: 74cm, Total length: 99cm
  • Rake - Head size:26x5.6cm, Handle length:72cm, Total length: 98cm
  • Pizza Oven Tool Stand : 465mm wide x 290mm tall x 150mm deep 

Flaming Coals Premium Wood Fired Pizza Oven: Make Authentic Wood Fired Pizzas at Home

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