Rubs & Sauces: How do you choose the best Rub & Sauce



Welcome to the sizzling world of BBQ, where flavour rules supreme! Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a casual griller, choosing the right BBQ rubs and sauces can make or break your backyard feast. At BBQ Spit Rotisseries, we're firing up the BBQ to help you become a flavour maestro. Let's dive into the art of selecting the perfect rubs and sauces to make your BBQ unforgettable.

Every aficionado of BBQ cuisine understands the pivotal role played by spices and sauces in elevating the delectable flavours of their grilled meats. Nonetheless, a significant number of individuals remain somewhat unfamiliar with the distinctions between various rubs and BBQ sauces, along with the optimal occasions for their respective applications. The decision to employ a rub or a sauce ultimately rests in the hands of the cook, but there are some guiding tips that can facilitate this choice. Although these approaches may diverge in their application, both rubs and sauces share the common goal of imparting a delightful burst of flavour to your meats!


What is a BBQ Rub? 

A BBQ rub is a dry mixture of spices, herbs, seasonings, and sometimes sugar that is applied to the surface of meat, typically before grilling, smoking, or roasting. The primary purpose of a BBQ rub is to enhance the flavour of the meat by adding a combination of savoury, sweet, spicy, and aromatic elements.



What is a BBQ Sauce?

BBQ sauce is a flavourful condiment or sauce that is commonly used in grilling, smoking, and barbecuing to add both moisture and a distinctive taste to various meats, particularly pork, beef, chicken, and ribs. BBQ sauce is a versatile and iconic component of American barbecue cuisine, and it comes in numerous regional variations, each with its own unique flavour profile and ingredients. 

Understanding Your Protein

Picture this: You've got a beautiful cut of meat, but what rub and sauce do you pair it with? Here's a quick cheat sheet:

Chicken: For poultry perfection, opt for a sweet and smoky rub, paired with a tangy sauce.


Pork: Embrace the sweetness of a brown sugar-based rub, complemented by a zesty barbecue sauce.


Beef: Bring out the rich flavours with a robust, savoury rub, alongside a bold and spicy sauce.



Seafood: Keep it light with a citrusy, herb-infused rub, and a delicate lemon-butter sauce.




Vegetables: Even non-meat options shine with a herbaceous rub and a balsamic glaze.

Flavour Preferences

Are you team spicy, sweet, or something in between? The BBQ world has a flavour for everyone:

Spicy: Ignite your taste buds with a fiery rub and a hot sauce that'll have you sweating (in the best way).




Sweet: Embrace the sugary goodness of a sweet rub and a caramelised sauce for that irresistible candied crust.



Tangy: For a zesty kick, a vinegar-based rub paired with a classic mustard sauce is your ticket to BBQ bliss.

Smoky: Transport your taste buds to a hickory heaven with a smoky rub and mesquite barbecue sauce.

Savoury: Enjoy the umami richness of a garlic and herb rub, along with a savoury mushroom gravy sauce.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Before you embark on your flavour adventure, remember to consider allergies and dietary needs. If you or your guests have dietary restrictions or allergies, fret not! Many rubs and sauces are available in allergen-friendly versions so that everyone can join the BBQ fiesta. Always check the labels for allergen information and look for reputable brands. We are proud to have a gluten-free and MSG-free section on our website to make the selection process even easier. 

Pairing Rubs and Sauces

Pairing rubs and sauces is an art form. The key is to harmonise flavours. For example, a sweet rub can be balanced with a tangy sauce, while a spicy rub pairs perfectly with a cooling yogurt-based sauce. Experiment and find your palate's perfect symphony.

DIY vs. Store-Bought

Are you a culinary wizard or a time-pressed BBQer? Both homemade and store-bought rubs and sauces have their perks. If you're up for some DIY fun, here are a couple of recipes to get you started:

Homemade BBQ Rub: Mix brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder, and a dash of cayenne for a sweet and spicy rub.

Simple BBQ Sauce: Combine ketchup, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and a pinch of smoked paprika for a classic sauce.



Choosing the best BBQ rubs and sauces is like painting a masterpiece on your BBQ canvas. Whether you crave spicy, sweet, or something in between, there's a world of flavours waiting to elevate your BBQ experience. Visit our Rubs & sauces product page for a mouthwatering selection of rubs and sauces and get ready to embark on a flavour-packed journey that'll have your taste buds begging for more. If you’d like a little more help picking the right product give our friendly team a call and get expert advice. 

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by: Michael Wilkie