Auzzies Give The Spartan Spit Roaster The Thumbs Up

The Spartan Spit Roaster was introduced into our product range in November 2014 and has since proven to be a hit with the Australian spit roasting community as well as restaurants and catering companies. Of the 2 shipments we have imported thus far, over 90% have been pre-sold prior to stock arriving in our factory. Due to customer feedback, we also released the Hooded Spartan Spit Roaster model which is exactly the same body, except that it has a hood.


Flaming Coals Spartan Spit RoasterFlaming Coals Hooded Spartan Spit Roaster


As you can see in the below video, the Spartan Spit Roaster is suitable for cooking whole animals and comes with 2 prongs, 1 leg bracket and 1 back brace. It also comes with 2 full-length grills so you can BBQ. The stainless steel used on the body is 201 for extra durability, whereas the stainless steel used on the skewer, prongs, grills etc is 304 food-grade stainless steel. We rate the motor as being able to turn 30kgs, but as you can see from our previous motor stress test video, we tested it for 200 hours at 75kgs and it didn’t stop.



If you’re into meat smoking and cooking “low and slow”, the hood and temperature gauge on the Hooded Spartan Spit Roaster allows you to smoke delicious ribs, chicken wings, brisket and more.

The Hooded Spartan Spit Roaster is currently in stock and available for immediate purchase.

Spartan Spit Roaster Cooking A GoatHooded Spartan Spit Roaster Cooking A Goat


Pre-orders are currently being taken for the Spartan Spit Roaster  (the non-hooded version) due to arrive on 11 March, plenty of time before Easter. As always, we like to incentivise customers to get in early and pre-order, so we’re knocking $200 off the normal RRP of $695. This will only be applicable until we reach 50% of our pre-sale quota and then the price will increase.

Either order online or give us a call at 1300 002 771 to take advantage of this offer


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by: Rhiannon Peterson