Charcoal Fire Starter Accessories

Fire starters are a great way to get your charcoal going without the use of lighter fluid. Lighter fluid can leave an unpleasant taste on your food, so it's best to avoid it if you can.

Chimneys are the most popular type of fire starter. The charcoal is ignited at the bottom of the chimney, and then the heat from the charcoal lights the charcoal above it. This method is simple and effective. 

If you don't have a chimney, you can also use bbq fire lighters. These are small, square pieces of compressed cardboard that you light with a match or lighter. Just place 2-3 under your charcoal, and they will do the job. 

Finally, there's the Electric charcoal starter wand from Flaming Coals. This is a long, thin rod that you insert into your charcoal pile. Once it's in place, you turn on the first stage of the device which outputs 2000w of heat to create a spark in your charcoal, next turn on the second stage and a high-powered fan pump oxygen into the fire and your charcoal should be lit within 5 minutes. This method is the simplest and cleanest. 

Whichever method you choose, make sure you have the right equipment for the job.