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Flaming Coals Offset Smoker BBQ

Incl- stainless steel grills, 3 temp gauges & door seals

Robust 3-4mm steel construction, stainless grills and 2 temperature probe holes. 2 Year Warranty

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If you're looking for a solid and sturdy texas style smoker without breaking the budget, then the Flaming Coals Offset Smoker BBQ is the logical choice. Simply use either wood or charcoal to heat the Flaming Coals Offset Smoker and add flavoured chunks or chips for extra smoke and flavour. For added durability, this smoker is constructed out of 3-4mm thick steel, is coated with high temperature paint, has wood grates on the base to lift your fire from the base of the unit and has stainless steel grilling racks.  On both sides of the cooking chamber, you'll find 2 small holes designed for a temperature probe to be inserted through and into your meat so you'll be sure to get a perfect cook each and every time. 

2 year warranty on the construction of the body


  • Use with wood or charcoal
  • Large 100mm diameter chimney with adjustable damper and cool touch damper handle
  • 3x Fire box vents to adjust air-flow
  • Heat management plates to disburse the heat more evenly
  • 3mm and 4mm steel construction
  • Heat-resistant paint
  • Solid lid handles with stay-cool springs
  • Wood storage shelf
  • Slide-out ash tray
  • Strong tube legs and steel wheels
  • Adhesive heat sealing tape to seal the doors and minimise smoke and heat loss
  • 3 temperature gauges
  • 5mm thick stainless steel cooking grills
  • 2 temperature probe holes with latch to close the holes if necessary
  • Warming shelf on firebox


  • Firebox: 48cm x 44cm 
  • Cooking Chamber: 104cm  x 50cm 
  • Total length (including handles) 169cm















Model # OFFSMK
Barcode # 9348676000810
Brand Flaming Coals
Shipping Weight 134.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.690m
Shipping Height 0.590m
Shipping Length 1.120m
Shipping Cubic 0.455952000m3

Offset Smoker Review

By: on 10 January 2019
Everything is going well with the offset smoker. We had a crack at a few dishes for Christmas and they worked really well. We brined and cooked a turkey and did a hot-smoked salmon which went down really well on the day. The turkey was super juicy and full of flavour and the salmon had a very nice subtle smoke flavour. I used the cherry pellets and ez-smoker and it worked a treat. Thanks for the great website, that really helped in getting started. I’m certain I have got a lot more learning to do but I’m really impressed with the smoker so far. It’s a great, solid unit which holds heat well and the temperature gauges are very helpful, especially because they are big enough that you can see what’s going on from a distance. The ez-temp remote thermometer is really useful too - you know exactly what’s going on with both the heat and the food no matter where you are in the house Thanks for all your help and fantastic service. Cheers, Matt

Sorry this is going to be a long one ;)

By: on 14 August 2018
I have recently purchased a Flaming Coals Off Set Smoker from BBQ Spit Rotisseries and I have to say WOW!!! Everything from the packaging and delivery to the build quality of the unit has been exceptional. From the start of the purchase to the first smoke it has been support support support from Cam and the Guy & Girls from BBQ Spit Rotisseries. They offer a timely and efficient delivery service at a good price. Now I didn’t want to rush in and just crack out a review after a couple of cooks. I thought let’s give this “bad boy” a bit of work to do first. Anyway, about the unit. Construction was a piece of cake especially with the added instruction manual by Cam & the Crew, a nice personal touch. You should definitely follow their instructions for construction. The smoking chamber itself seals well with its’ heavy doors and the aid of the supplied gaskets it holds temperature very well. The tuning plates work great and I seem to have only a small 5/10c variance in the top two ambient temp gauges. The large wheels allow for easy moving of the unit even though it’s up there with weight at about 125kgs. The two temperature probe holes are a nice touch and so are the cool touch handles on all the doors and chimney damper. The biggest learning curve has been the fire management side. As a true pyromaniac at heart this is the fun bit of the Flaming Coals Off Set Smoker. I have found that by leaving the vents fully open and cracking the ash tray a little (about a thumb width) I am easily able to control my temperatures with the damper on the chimney. I believe a Charcoal Basket would be a great addition to help control your fire a little better and keep running costs down. So far, the family has enjoyed beautiful Low n Slow smoked Ribs, both Beef and Pork, some killer Wings, Chicken Maryland, mouth-watering Tri Tip Santa Maria style. I’ve also just cooked the Tri Tip like a Brisket, completely off its’ head flavour wise!!! Low n Slow Beef Cheeks are something that needs to become a trend, so good and so versatile. Roast legs of Lamb with a hint of smoke have been a winner too. I have been using the fire box to go Hot n Fast on some cuts as well & using it to reverse searing on. On the Hot n Fast side of life, we’ve done some great cooks in the fire box. Reverse searing Porterhouse Steaks, flame grilled Chicken Thighs, Rump Steaks, roasted Veg and tonight, we are going Hot n Fast with some Lamb Chops with Moroccan flavours, charred Cos Hearts, roasted Peppers and a Mint Coriander yoghurt dressing. The flavour of the food that is coming off the Flaming Coals Off Set Smoker is exceptional. The smoke penetration of the meats is a dream. The smoke rings are a sight to see and a talking point at the table. It’s a great way to make your mates jealous, having a bigger BBQ than them and a killer smoke ring to match. Would I recommend buying the Flaming Coals Off Set Smoker from BBQ Spit Rotisseries? Hell yes!! If not for this unit itself, I would recommend using them just for their customer service and the fact they genuinely care about their customers and their customers happiness. If you want to challenge yourself and how you cook at present, I would recommend getting the Flaming Coals Off Set Smoker… you also get to burn a heap of wood. Cheers Chris

Way More Than a First Tow Into The Water Offset Sm

By: on 20 April 2017
Been a keen BBQ'er for approx 4 years now slowly working my way up from a Weber kettle to a a to a Kamado Joe which is great but anyone with the addiction knows "stick burners" are really where its at so after nearly 4 months of research I finally settled on the Flaming Coals Offset Smoker. Why? Because I simply didn't know if this style of BBQ was right for me and at the end of the day didn't really want to drop $4k+ on something that might not work out. I have seen and eaten off some other high end' brands such as Yoder and let me tell you the The Flaming Coals should instead been renamed to the 'Screaming Bargain' as its nearly as beefy as its US counterparts for 1/4 the price but most importantly cooks like a champ and i'd say at this point just as good as its more expensive cousins. Frankly, this smoker was intended to be my springboard into the world of offset however after a few cooks under my belt I see no need in cooking on anything else. Its a quality item that defies its price point and offers more features than its competitors for less money. My only real nitpick was with the instruction manual which although for the most part was very easy to follow did tend to to derail after step 11 where the text and illustrations went a little skew but thankfully there's not much to it and is pretty intuitive. And finally, a pleasant surprise was the team behind BBQ Spit Rotisseries. Buying from them makes you feel like part of the family and not like a customer underpinned with a stack of support ranging from free shop fronted master class sessions, YouTube "how to" videos (which incidentally was how I found these guys) along with backup email and online live chat sessions. Im even getting useful recipes and event information via email as I type. Personally im unaware of any other BBQ retailer here in OZ offering this type of support for their customers. Awesome work team, love your work and i'll definitely be buying more from you in the future....cheers!

best value offset in Australia

By: on 30 April 2016
Absolutely amazing way to cook your food I love my flaming coals offset smoker . I have cooked everything from chicken , chilli poppers,Lamb shoulders verious cuts of pork and even a large 7kg brisket. The flaming coals smoker has been made to make it easy to smoke almost anything its heavy duty construction with great design features like the holes provided for my thermometer probes.I highly recommend the flaming coals smoker to anybody that loves to cook like a professional.

Best BBQ Smoker for the perfectionist

By: on 29 April 2016
I have recently purchased the Flaming Coals Texas Offset Smoker and have cooked everything from chicken,ribs ,chilli poppers ,pork shoulder and even a large 7kg brisket. The flaming coals smoker keeps consistent temprature with little fuss and worry Due to its smart design I have also found that my flaming coals offset is very easy to clean and maintain .The inclusion of the temp probe holes makes it easy to conect and monitor my cook with my igrills bluetooth thermometer .I must say the sales staff at BBQ Spit Rotisseries have been excellent with advice and tips to get the best results from your smoker.

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