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Offset Smoker BBQ - Flaming Coals

Incl- stainless steel grills, 3 temp gauges & door seals

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As used by competition teams Australia wide. Robust 3-4mm steel construction, stainless grills and 2 temperature probe holes. 2 Year Warranty

Offset Smoker BBQ


If you are looking for a solid and sturdy Texas-style offset smoker without breaking the budget, then the Offset Smoker BBQ by flaming coals is the logical choice. For added durability and efficiency, this smoker is constructed out of 3 & 4mm thick steel making it strong, the extra thickness in the body means less fuel is needed to maintain your desired cooking temperatures and together with the 20mm wide heat sealing tape around the cook chambers doors makes this one of the best value, heavy duty, high quality offset smokers available in Australia. 

The body is finished inside and out with high-temperature paint for long-lasting protection. Inside the cook/smoke chamber, you will find lower charcoal grills that you will use if you want to utilise the smoker as a large charcoal BBQ. Above the grills, you have 4 adjustable baffle plates. These are used to adjust the temperature variance in the smoke chamber. From Right (firebox side) to left we recommend the gaps between the baffle plates being 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm. This will give you a consistent temperature across the cook chamber. The food grills in the chamber are manufactured using 5mm thick, 304 food-grade stainless steel so you can drop them, scrub them and clean them as much as you want and the grills will always come out food grade clean. That is something you cannot do with porcelain or painted grills.

Even though there are 3 recalibratable temperature gauges in the cook chamber, the Flaming Coals offset smoker also has 2 small holes on each side designed for temperature probes to be inserted. This allows you to measure your chamber temperature digitally or you can probe one into your meat so you'll be sure to get a perfect cook each and every time. The EZ Temp Dual Probe Remote Food Thermometer is perfect for this and also lets you set a temperature alarm.

The burn chamber has raised wood grates on the base to lift your fuel and let air flow through the fire for easier temperature control via the 4 air control dampers. Above the wood gates, you can insert the stainless steel grills and use these to sear your meat or a stand-alone BBQ for smaller quick meals. The lid of the burn chamber is flat so you can use it as a warming tray and heat up your glazes before applying them to your meat. The pull out ashtray at the bottom allows for easy cleaning when your cook is over.

Used by competition teams Australia wide, The Flaming coals offset smoker is strong, well built, efficient and the best value for money meat smoker available. Buy it once and do it right, you won't regret it!


Picture showing some of the trophies won by competition teams using the flaming coals offset smoker in Australia

Flaming Coals Texas Offset smokers are being used by competition teams Australia wide and producing award-winning results.

picture in the flaming coals offset fold out shelf, sturdy handle and build quality

The fold-out shelf makes food preparation and wrapping less cumbersome while the sturdy handle lets you manoeuvre the smoker with ease.

Image showing the offset smoker filled with different types of meat

The meat smoker is big enough to cook a large amount of meat yet efficient enough to smoke only a rack of ribs for dinner. If you have the room you are better off getting a larger smoker like this, instead of a smaller version as its future-proofing yourself for larger gatherings you will definitely be catering for when word gets out that you have a Flaming Coals Offset Smoker.

 2-year warranty on the construction of the body


  • Fold-out preparation shelf making it even easier to prepare and wrap your food
  • Use with wood splits or charcoal and even Heatbeads
  • Large 100mm diameter chimney with adjustable damper and cool touch damper handle
  • 3x Firebox vents for more precise temperature control
  • Heat management baffle plates to disburse the heat more evenly
  • 3mm and 4mm steel construction for greater heat retention
  • Heat-resistant paint for long-lasting protection
  • Solid lid handles with stay-cool springs so you don’t burn your hands
  • Wood storage shelf for easy fuel access
  • Slide-out ashtray for easy cleaning
  • Strong tube legs and steel wheels allowing you to drag this 130kg around your yard
  • Adhesive heat sealing tape to seal the doors and minimise smoke and heat loss
  • 3 adjustable temperature gauges for accurate temperature monitoring
  • 5mm thick stainless steel cooking grills for long-lasting quality
  • 2 temperature probe holes with a latch to close the holes if necessary
  • Warming shelf on the firebox to heat your glazes and keep your food warm


  • Firebox: 48cm x 44cm 
  • Cooking Chamber: 104cm  x 50cm 
  • Total length (including handles) 169cm

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Flaming Coals Offset BBQ Smoker: The Best Offset BBQ Smoker for Quality and Affordability

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Model # OFFSMK
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Brand Flaming Coals
Shipping Weight 134.0000kg
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Shipping Height 0.590m
Shipping Length 1.120m
Shipping Cubic 0.455952000m3
Type Offset Smoker