If you are looking for bbq hire around Melbourne we have a couple of bbq hire options. We also have spits for sale starting from $179. BBQ Spit Rotisseries are situated near Frankston south east of Melbourne, and at the gateway to The Mornington Peninsula. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver, so arrangements will need to be made to collect and return your bbq hire.


Large BBQ Hire - $100
Cook for up to 150 guests

  • Size: 1500mm long x 500mm wide
  • Complete with a 60kg capacity motor plus whatever accessories you will need
  • Suitable for whole lambs, pigs or for cooking more than 15kgs of meat.

Alternatively, you can buy this bbq


Small BBQ Hire - $70
Cook for up to 40 guests


  • Size: 800mm long x 450mm wide
  • Complete with a 15kg capacity motor plus whatever accessories you will need
  • Suitable for gyros, 3 small roasts or 2 large roasts less than 15kgs. Not suitable for a whole animal
  • Alternatively, you can buy this bbq


Cyprus / Churassco - $70
Entertain & Feed a crowd

  • Size: 720mm long x 300mm wide
  • All skewers motorised
  • Height adjustable

Alternatively, you can buy this bbq


Digital Electric Smoker - $45 (weekly hire)

7 Day Hire 

  • Learn to Smoke
  • Satisfy your curiosity
  • Smoke batches of sausages, salamis etc



Texas Offset Wood Smoker $100

Alternatively, you can buy this offset smoker


Gas Spit Roaster 1500 - $200

  • Cooking Area Dimensions: 143cm x 48cm
  • Cook with gas for convenience
  • Stainless Steel Construction to last you forever
  • Hooded design to help keep the heat in and cook your foods faster
  • Height adjustable skewer to cook your foods perfectly every time
  • Viewing window and temperature gauge to monitor your cook
  • Airflow holes to maintain your perfect temperature
  • Includes a Gas Bottle

Alternatively, you can buy this Gas Spit Roaster



Charcoal can also be purchased in 4, 10 or 20kg bags. You will require around 1kg of charcoal to each kilo of meat when bbq.

Instructions & Conditions for BBQ Hire At the time of making your booking, please advise what you will be cooking so that we can provide you with the correct accessories required. (For example, chickens, roasts, lamb, pig, gyros etc.)

Prices quoted are for a weekend (except for the week leading up to Christmas). BBQ can be picked up from Thursday onwards and returned Monday. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver.

A credit card is required to secure the hire and if the spit roaster or smoker is not returned in a clean and working condition, a $50 cleaning fee will be charged to your credit card.
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