The Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware


It seems that cast iron cookware almost disappeared for a while there. Non-stick, stone coated and everyone’s favorite - polytetrafluoroethylene took over the market in the name of convenience, but did all of these cooking technological wonders solve a problem that wasn’t actually much of a problem at all?

Cast iron has seen a resurgence recently. Whether people feel more comfortable with the idea of less man-made substances in their cooking equipment, are starting to appreciate some of the many benefits that come with using cast iron or have realised that cast iron outperforms new-fangled hardware in many ways, the demand is growing - which I think is a good thing.

Here’s why cast iron is worth considering the next time you are in the market for some new cookware.

Cast iron cookware has been around for many, many years. If you own some of it already you may well have inherited it rather than buying new. Apart from the seasoning there is no coating to wear off, so if you look after your cast iron cookware it’s capable of lasting longer than you do.

Although people often seem to be put off by the idea of seasoning cast iron, it’s actually pretty low maintenance. Once seasoned it’s easy to clean and maintaining the seasoning becomes a simple routine after you’ve finished cooking.

Cast iron usually isn’t expensive when compared to some other types of cookware and when you consider how long it can last without the cost of replacing it the purchase price becomes even more attractive.


Natural non-stick cooking
Once it’s seasoned cast iron cookware develops a non-stick coating which is very convenient and also helps you to use less butter and oil when you cook.

Heat transmission

Cast iron conducts heat very well which means it heats up fairly evenly, stays hot for longer and you can get it very hot for searing - handy for reverse sear steaks and the like.

Assuming your cookware has a handle made of cast iron too, most cast iron can be used for direct and indirect cooking which means you can put it inside the BBQ or oven as well as directly over the heat on a burner or cooktop. It’s worth double checking the specific items you are buying or own are suitable for both.


There you have it - plenty of good reasons to choose cast iron. Just don’t drop it on your toes.

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by: Mat Holbrook