Spit Baskets

Do you love the taste of meat and veggies from a spit rotisserie? The problem is not everything can be skewered. So what’s the solution? A Flaming Coals multi-use basket allows you to cook anything that you can't cook on a skewer such as chicken wings, fish, sausages, pork belly, vegetables, and butterflied chicken, just to name a few. 

To use, firstly marinate your meat or veggies then put them in the basket, close the lid and adjust it to the thickness of the meat, next feed it on the skewer and switch on your spit. 

The basket will rotate, cooking both sides of your meat evenly and the juices going round and round will self-marinate the meat giving you a mouth-watering meal. The adjustable depth of the stainless steel basket makes this rotisserie basket extremely versatile for a huge range of cooking options. 

Built from 304 food-grade stainless steel, the range of Flaming Coals Spit Rotisserie baskets are much safer than other materials and easy to clean! 

The Flaming Coals multi-use baskets come in two sizes a regular (BSK010) and large size (BSK010L), both adjustable baskets for 6mm-12mm square skewers so these are perfect for the jumbuck mini spit, Cyprus spits, mini spit and even Auspit. 

If you have a large spit you’d be looking for the multi-use basket for large spit rotisseries -22mm (BSK022). Suitable for skewers up to 22mm diameter round or square. 

Alternatively, we also offer the Flaming Coal round cage tumbler basket. It's easy to make wings, french fries, and so much more right on the grill with Flaming Coals Rotisserie Basket | Round Cage Tumbler. The Rotisserie Basket's rod ports fit most rotisserie rod styles and lock in place two thumbscrews. Once you've created the most delicious wings, crispiest fries, and grill roasted veggies without the addition of oil, the stainless steel baskets clean up easily, then nest for space-saving storage.

No matter what style of rotisserie basket you are in the market for, the team here at BBQ Spit Rotisseries has the right accessory for the job! Need advice or need to double check whether one of our baskets will work on your rotisserie? No worries, give us a call on 1300 002 771.