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Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal 20kgs by Flaming Coals

Best Natural Charcoal for BBQs

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Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal 20kgs by Flaming Coals is pure hardwood coal that produces very little smoke and minimal sparks which makes it ideal for restaurants, indoor grilling as well as your home BBQ

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Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal 20kgs by Flaming Coals 

Model: CHAR-LUMP20

Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal 20kgs by Flaming Coals is hardwood charcoal that is light yet dense at the same time. It produces very little smoke and minimal ash which makes it the best BBQ charcoal for restaurants and indoor grilling. It also contains little moisture compared to other varieties so you get a nice dry heat that is perfect charcoal for barbecuing.

The reason why Flaming Coals BBQ charcoal is the best available is due to the quality raw timber used and a cooking process that minimises contaminants such as sand and dirt entering the timber. The raw timber we use is from the Laban tree which is a strong dense wood. This timber is cut into lengths and placed into an above-ground kiln for cooking. Because the kilns are above ground purpose-built for the sole reason of making charcoal this ensures that the finished product is clean and natural. You can not get this from charcoal that is made in inground pits covered with sand and soil.

This image show the flaming coals lump BBq charcoal that is a charcoal for BBQ, burning red hot

Our BBQ charcoal produces minimal sparks, emits no strong earthy smells, and produces minimal to no smoke when burning. The heat produced using laban charcoal will last for a long time, which is another key benefit over some of the other charcoal on the market that burn hot and fast requiring you to be close by constantly topping up the BBQ.

Image of an open bag of natural lump charcoal. All pieces a large and very good quality

As mentioned above, our Hardwood Lump BBQ charcoal is produced using timber from the Laban tree (Vitex pinnata). Laban trees are native to south-east Asia and grow up to 25 meters tall. They produce are very strong and durable hardwood that not only makes quality charcoal but is also has used in building construction, household items and in the manufacturing of boats. Laban bark is also used as a traditional medicine to cure sore throats and stomach aches so it is a natural timber without toxins.



  • Wood type: 100% Hardwood, 100% Laban Wood (100% natural)
  • Natural Smoky flavour, not an earthy smell
  • Little smoke once lit
  • Moisture: approx 6-10% so it is a nice dry timber
  • Ash content: approx 2% meaning its efficient when it burns
  • White ash
  • Burning time: approx 2.5-3.5 hours
  • Model: CHAR-LUMP20


  • Shape: Lump 
  • Size: Diameter approximately 4-6 cm and length 10-16 cm (note that charcoal can break into smaller pieces during transport)

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Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal by Flaming Coals



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