Unlocking the Power of Jumbuck Mini Spit Accessories for Rotisserie Excellence

Get the Most Out of Your Jumbuck Mini Spit with These Jumbuck Spit Accessories

If you have recently purchased a Jumbuck Mini Spit from Bunnings, then you will want to check out the range of compatible Jumbuck spit accessories below. They are high quality 304 food-grade stainless steel - meaning they will clean up easily, and no nasties will be chipping off into your food! 

The jumbuck mini spit is a versatile and cost-effective charcoal spit rotisserie, our range of mini spit accessories has been specially designed to maximise the capabilities of the unit and open the realm of options and opportunities when cooking on the jumbuck mini spit roaster

Jumbuck Mini Spit Accessories:

  • Prongs: These prongs are perfect for butterfly chicken, and will also come in handy when you are cooking other meats, vegetables or even fruits! 
  • Jumbuck Rotisserie Baskets: The baskets are ideal for roasting meats, fish, chestnuts and even vegetables.
  • Gyros Plates: Gyros plates are the perfect accessory for making gyros. No more carving your gyros against prongs. These plates will make the job easier and more enjoyable!
  • Replacement Rotisserie Motors: Whether you want to swap between 240v or battery operated we’ve got a range of motors for your needs. 
  • Replacement Jumbuck Rotisserie kit - This is the complete rotisserie setup for you Jumbuck mini spit or gas BBQ
  • Rubs and seasonings: Our BBQ Rubs & seasonings are perfect for adding flavour to your meats, and will help to tenderise and add moisture. 

If you are looking at upgrading from your Jumbuck mini spit, then believe the best upgrade would be a multi-skewer Cyprus Spits however we also have a range of large spit roasters if you are looking for something bigger and stronger. If you would like to try something a little different then we also have kettle barbecues that you can smoke, BBQ and spit roast on as well as large charcoal smokers such as offset smokers and reverse flow smokers.

Jumbuck Mini Spit Accessories FAQs

The jumbuck mini spit roaster is a simple-to-use spit. Simply light the lump charcoal in the base of the spit. Load the meat onto your skewer trying as best as you can you keep the load balanced. Place the skewer into the support bracket and motor. Begin cooking until it reaches the desired temperature. Be careful to make sure your fire is not too hot as this will burn the outside of the meat while the inside is raw. The ideal temperature is roughly at the distance of the coal where you can hold your hand for 7 seconds without moving removing it due to the heat.

The jumbuck mini spit roaster is perfect for cuts of meat, whole chickens, vegetables, seafood and everything in between. To maximise your possibilities we highly recommend a range of quality accessories like a basket for a jumbuck, gyros discs and additional prongs.

As a rule of thumb, we tell customers you need 1 kg of charcoal for every kg of meat you are cooking

The only difference between these units is the motor. One is powered by a battery, the other 240v mains power. However, if you buy either, you can buy an additional rotisserie motor from BBQ Spit Rotisseries so you have both.

We stock a range of compatible accessories, from prongs, gyros discs, baskets, carving shovels and electric knives, and BBQ seasonings to meat thermometers and gloves. Give us a call on 1300 002 771 so one of our Spit Roasting experts can assist you.

Yes, absolutely you can cook gyros on your jumbuck mini spit roaster. The easiest way is with a pair of Gyros discs and some Gyros marinade.