The Flaming Coals Spit Roasting Masterclass is live!

This image shows whole pig cooked in a Spit Rotisserie


Bringing together the most comprehensive Spit Roasting Masterclass ever created is no easy feat. The course is a culmination of 20 years selling, loving and cooking on spit roasters. 


Hundreds of hours of preparation went into the design of this series before filming even took place because we truly really care about all of our customers' journeys in BBQ. Delivering a product that we were proud to put our name behind was crucially important to us, and our business objectives. 


This image shows butterflied chicken cooked in a Jumbuck mini spit roaster


The masterclass is absolutely jam packed full of content that our team of experts have acquired over 20 years in the spit roasting industry. We want to share all of our knowledge and passion with our customers.

The course begins with a few fundamentals like lighting charcoal, temperatures, accessories and buying guides to ensure our customers know what to buy, and how to use it. 


This image shows chicken wings cooked in a Cyprus Spit Roaster


Once we’ve locked down a few simple starting points we get fully into a 15 part video series where we take you through the entire cooking process from meat selection to slicing and serving. 


We’ve been absolutely inundated by customers expressing amazing feedback about how much they love the easy to follow video structure and level of detail in the videos. 


This image shows gyros cooked on a jumbuck mini spit roaster


In terms of value for money on top of receiving all of the video resources you need to master your spit, we are also providing you with a spit recipe guide valued at $59, absolutely free.

This image shows kebab cooked on a Cyprus Spit Roaster


If you’ve ever wanted to get into the world of spit roasting, this is the course for you. We will be here to guide you and provide you access to our league of VIP BBQers in our exclusive BBQ community. The supportive community is the best place to ask questions, seek inspiration and even win incredible prizes. 

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by: Michael Wilkie