While Running the Risk of Sounding Like an Early 2000’s Shopping Channel Slogan… “It really works!”.

With my beloved 2nd son “FC Offset”, I’m finally at the point where everything I cook simply comes out perfect. However, it does require an amount of tendering love that can only be served best with a cold frosty beverage. Now that we’ve entered the season of mad rush and constant loss of spare time, my love affair with my offset needs to take a backseat… “But I’m on holidays, I’m meant to have more time!”… Enter the FC Temp Controller.

Install was a breeze, very self-explanatory and similar to other controllers, what is unique is the heat resistant steel construction, other controllers are mostly plastic, and when attaching to a firebox, the last thing you want is melted noxious smoke silently ruining your expensive Waygu brisket.

Once the controller was on, all vents shut and flute at 1cm, I watched and waited. True to the description, it maintained an amazing 2-4-degree temperature consistency, at this point, can I go to the pub? I waited another 2 hours, added some wood however, it was still burning at optimal efficiency I’ve only been able to achieve by a meticulous study of my cooker over the years. At this point, I add the wood anyway. I watched to see how the FC TC could handle me not letting it all catch before closing the firebox. With a whirr of excitement, she detected the temperature drop and got to work. Thin blue smoke began to whistle through my chamber in convectional glory. As the wood caught, I waited, the level of white thin smoke is borderline “fine print”, so subtle the thought of what was happening to my short ribs was titillating.

After some time enjoying libations at my local establishment, I returned to find my new heavenly combination of Offset & FC Temp Controller, staring at me, with perfectly combusted, beautiful glistening coal.  “No need to add more, we’ve got this” Is how I imagined the new couple would respond, proud and happy to help. Worth every cent.

TL;DR – It works, if you’ve ever wanted a bit more time, this will deliver.  Cost Vs Reward? Great Value!



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 Joel Blucher