Cooking Chicken Drumettes on Cyprus Grill and Rotisserie Basket

Amazing Chicken Drumettes using a Spit Rotisserie


In this Blog post, we will show you how to spit roast chicken drumettes using a Cyprus grill and the multi-use Cyprus basket. By following these steps, you will have your delicious dinner or snack in no time.


Coat Drumettes with Oil


First, lightly coat your drumettes in oil or butter then mix through. We are using the Butcher BBQ Butter flavoured Grilling Oil. Today we will be using butter flavour grilling oil. You can choose flavours here.






Place on Basket


Place the drumettes in the basket. Make sure the chicken is secure by setting the basket lid to the lowest setting.







Light Charcoal


Next, light your charcoal using an electric fire wand or charcoal chimney. We use the Flaming Coals Fire Starter Wand. It is easy to use and you can have your charcoal blazing in under 5 minutes.






Secure Skewer


Now, attach the skewer to the spit and switch on the motor.







Drumettes Roast for 40 minutes


Allow the drumettes to roast for 40 minutes to an hour, or until golden brown.







Wing Dust


Once cooked, remove from the basket and dust with your favourite Kosmos Q Wing Dust flavour.






Chicken Drumettes


That's it! you can now enjoy this quick and delicious dish.

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Rotisserie BasketElectric Charcoal Starter Wand

Kosmos Q Wing Dust Combo



 Jacques dela Porte By: Jacques dela Porte