What Wood to Use for Smoking Game Meat

Hunting is a very challenging sport, and the challenge doesn't end with the catch - it extends to cooking as well. Some out there might be afraid of smoking wild game meats but if you know what you are doing and take the time to practice, you can step up your BBQ to another level of excitement.
There are many types of wild game meat but I really love cooking venison. Unfortunately, a lot of game meat seems to be quite lean, so it tends to dry out very quickly. The best thing you can do to maintain it's moisture is injecting it with duck fats and similar products.


Now when it comes to choosing the right wood for smoking there are many options available. I’d smoke game meats with something nice and sweet like peach or cherry wood. Something native would also work really well. I've also heard Banksia cones work well too but for me, peach or cherry is unbelievable with game meats.

To check what wood will best pair to your meat of choice, you can download our free wood smoking guide here.

Hope this information helps you and speak to you soon.

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by: Cameron Davidson