Top 10 BBQ Christmas Presents

Oh no! It's that crazy time of the year again where we go through the agonising process of making a list of everyone we care about and then brainstorm what that perfect Christmas present is. Alcohol, socks, shirts and vouchers have been done time and time again, not only by me, but by my siblings, so just what is that perfect Christmas present?


I'm not sure about yours, but my family members love showing off and pretending to be a backyard BBQ hero so what better Christmas present than a BBQ or unique BBQ related gadget.


We’re all time poor fighting traffic, trying to find car parking at shopping centres and getting driven mad by Christmas carols, so I’ve done the research and product testing for you to make your decision as stress-free as possible.


1. Flaming Coals Electric Charcoal Starter Wand

Flaming Coals Electric Charcoal Starter WandNo matter if you're cooking on a kettle BBQ, a spit roaster or a smoker, this BBQ gadget will get the charcoal started in just a few minutes. If your family is notorious for not being able to light the charcoal, or worse still, can only light it with metho/petrol, make their life stress-free and get them one of these. It plugs into a powerpoint so they won’t be scrounging around for batteries continuously and at 2000W, it really does pump out a lot of heat. Such a simple concept that works and is a great value for money





2. Flaming Coals Ultimate Rub Pack

Whether you are cooking Chicken Gyros or preparing Briskets and Steaks or even craving for Lamb dishes, Ultimate Rub pack is all you need. Including all three Flaming Coals rubs, The Ultimate Rub pack will help improve any mean dish no matter what mean you want to season. If you are planning a cook in your backyard with family and friends, grab this Rub pack and you will be completely covered.

Flaming Coals Ultimate Rub Pack

EZTemp Remote Temperature Gauge3. EZTemp Remote Temperature Gauge

If you know someone already right into BBQ smoking, get them the ultimate BBQ Christmas present with this dual probe remote digital thermometer. Insert the temperature probes into 2 roasts, set your desired temperature and walk away knowing that the receiver will set off an alarm when your meat reaches the target temperature. Ideal for use with BBQ meat smokers where cooking times are often 5 hours plus, or for anyone notorious for either undercooking or overcooking the meat. It really is a foolproof way of perfecting the BBQ, without letting them know that their culinary skills need refining!



4. Smoking Gift Pack

This smoking gift pack is the ideal gift for the budding BBQ enthusiast and comes complete with 3 Australian-made rubs, a stainless steel smoking box, wood pellets, a digital thermometer and a basting brush. The rubs are gluten-free and contain no preservatives or colouring. To add a touch of smoke to your food, simply pour wood pellets into the stainless steel smoking box and place the box on top of one of the burners in your gas BBQ. It really is that easy!

Flaming Coals Portable Camping Spit Roaster

5. Flaming Coals Portable Camping Spit Roaster

This is an excellent BBQ Christmas present for anyone who dreams of being able to cook a whole lamb or pig on a spit over a roaring open fire. Whether they like to go camping, have a built-in fire pit at home, or loves to make up their own BBQs, this portable spit roaster will be perfect. Complete with the 2 side legs, it can straddle over an open fire, 44-gallon drum and pack away into a compact carry bag for transport. The motor can be operated using either a car battery or plug directly into a powerpoint.



6. BBQ Rotisserie Kit

Barbecuing in the backyard is part of a traditional Australian summer enjoying a few drinks with family and friends. To mix things up a bit, how about getting a BBQ Rotisserie Kit that they can add to their existing BBQ? This full stainless steel BBQ Rotisserie Kit turns up to 10kgs of meat and has a solid skewer which won’t unravel mid-cook.


BBQ Rotisserie Kit


Auspit Basic Portable Rotisserie Package7. Auspit Basic Portable Rotisserie Package

The Auspit Basic Portable Rotisserie Package is battery operated and can cook up to 8kg of meat. It is unique, easy to use and comes with all the basics you need for your outdoor camping cooking.

You can swing it away from the fire to carve, adjust or based your meat. It is also portable and easy to set up. Great for weekends away!





8. Flaming Coals 3pcs Cast Iron Pan Set

This three-piece cast iron pan set is a great gift for the backyard barbecuer, the camper and the home chef. These cast iron pans have great heat retention, keep a constant temperature and can give that perfect sear on a steak. The 3 different sizes mean you'll always have one for the job at hand and be able to fry up the ultimate camp-style breakfast.


Flaming Coals 3pcs Cast Iron Pan Set



Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Spit9. Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Spit

Does your gift recipient get bored and love things to be multi-functional? If so, the Flaming Coals Deluxe Cyprus Spit is worth considering. This spit roaster is an all in one solution which allows you to char-grill, cook kebabs on the 12 small skewers, or cook a variety of meats on the large skewers such as chickens, legs of lamb, gyros, roasts or even vegetables. It has dual motor functionality allowing them to cater for up to 50 all using this one spit roaster.




Flaming Coals Texas Offset Smoker10. Flaming Coals Texas Offset Smoker

How good has your family been this Christmas? Crown them the ultimate pitmaster by giving them the Porsche of smokers. Complete with stainless steel cooking grills, tri-temperature gauges, probe holes for his thermometers, heat management plates, charcoal racks and so much more, you’ll be their favourite person forevermore. Better still, you’ll get to enjoy the mouthwatering slow-cooked meats they smoke. This smoker can also be used as a charcoal BBQ for quicker cooking times.



Still not sure what's the best Christmas present? Check out the list of products we've prepared for you to help you in your decision-making, here. Why not get a gift voucher? Just click the button below to see available gift vouchers.







by: Rhiannon Peterson