Top 10 BBQ Christmas Presents

Oh no! It's that crazy time of the year again where we go through the agonising process of making a list of everyone we care about and then brainstorming what that perfect Christmas present is. Alcohol, socks, shirts and vouchers have been done time and time again, not only by me but by my siblings, so just what is that perfect Christmas present?


I'm not sure about yours, but my family members love showing off and pretending to be a backyard BBQ hero so what better Christmas present than a BBQ or unique BBQ-related gadget?


We’re all-time poor fighting traffic, trying to find car parking at shopping centres and getting driven mad by Christmas carols, so I’ve done the research and product testing for you to make your decision as stress-free as possible.


1.Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer- Bluetooth

The MEATER Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer  - Bluetooth is the world's first totally wireless smart meat thermometer. It will let you cook the juiciest steak, Brisket, chicken, Pulled Pork, turkey, fish, or other meats flawlessly every time for any occasion when used in conjunction with the MEATER app on your smartphone.




2. Flaming Coals Ultimate Rub Pack

Whether you are cooking Chicken Gyros or preparing Briskets and Steaks or even craving Lamb dishes, the Ultimate Rub pack is all you need. Including all three Flaming Coals rubs, The Ultimate Rub pack will help improve any mean dish no matter what means you want to season. If you are planning a cook in your backyard with family and friends, grab this Rub pack and you will be completely covered.




3. Auspit Compact Portable Camping Spit Rotisserie Package - Silver


Portable, Compact and Designed in Australia





The Australian patented carrier bracket is the key component that separates the Auspit apart from the others that have tried to copy this system and sell it on the Australian market. Together with the squeeze lock, It allows you to adjust the height of the skewer for the ideal cooking height over the fire and allows you to swing the skewer over the fire and then lock in place so it can't slowly swing away. The counter leaver skewer design in the carrier bracket ensures minimal strain is placed on the drive motor bush, giving this spit great efficiency, improving reliability and in turn also improving the longevity of the motor.


4. Heat Resistant Gloves | Long Sleeve BBQ Gloves


If you own a charcoal BBQ, smoker or fireplace then you can't escape the fact that you are dealing with a hot burning fire all the time. This means that there is a high probability you will eventually burn your hands or even your arms. Prevention is better than cure and the best way to stop yourself from getting burnt is by using High-temperature heatproof gloves.




Standard-length gloves that just cover up to your wrist are great for lifting smoker lids or moving a hot grill, however, if you are lighting a chimney starter full of hot charcoal then you need a little more protection than just your hands. The radiant heat from hot coals pouring out of the chimney starter will burn your forearms. This is also the same when you are arranging hot coals in your pit. Flaming coals realised that this was an issue with using shorter heatproof gloves and developed the Heat Resistant Gloves | Long Sleeve BBQ Gloves. These gloves are  35cm long so they cover the entire length of your forearm and can handle heat up to 500°c



5. Electric Charcoal Starter Wand by Flaming Coals



The Flaming Coals Electric Charcoal Starter Wand is an effortless way to light charcoal, wood chips, chunks, pellets and even kindling in your fireplace. No need for firelighters or lighter fluids that can affect the taste of your food.

Two settings take your charcoal from cold to burning in a matter of minutes. The heat setting ignites the wood/charcoal, while the fan settings distribute the flames to unlit wood/charcoal. The heat-resistant handle also has a built-in kickstand to prop the hot wand off its resting surface while it cools.




6. Flaming Coals Grill and Hotplate Combo - Jumbuck Mini Spit

Flaming Coals Grill and Hotplate Combo - Jumbuck Mini Spit. One accessory that Jumbuck fans have always asked for was a hotplate that fits the mini spit. After multiple requests, we went out and made a hot plate specifically for the Jumbuck mini spit. At 545mm x 315mm it covers the entire cooking area of the spit.

One of the first accessories that Jumbuck mini spit fans purchase is a grill, hotplate or both. The Jumbuck mini spit grill lets you add the extra cooking option to your Jumbuck so it's not just a spit, It's now also a charcoal BBQ. 




7. 57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit | Flaming Coals

If you currently own a Weber Kettle, Pro Smoke or any other 57cm round Kettle BBQ and you are looking for the spit rotisserie kit to suit your Weber, then the 57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit is the best value for money kit on the market. It comprises of an adaptor ring that makes it compatible with 51- 58.8cm kettle BBQs, a round ring insert that sits on your Kettle BBQ base, a solid 1 piece 8mm skewer, 2 prongs and a 240v motor rated to 8kg balanced load.


Now you can use your 57cm, 22" Kettle as a smoker, charcoal BBQ and a rotisserie. This spit kit will let you spit roast mouth-water pork, chicken or beef. Nothing beats meat that has been constantly self-marinated in its own juices as it slowly rotates above the charcoal, the kettle| Weber rotisserie kit will give you the equipment to cook these delicious meals at home. 




8. Flaming Coals Pizza Oven Tool Set with Stand

Like everything in life, if you have the right tools for the job then the job will be easier. With that in mind, Flaming Coals has put together a pizza oven tool set with a stand that has all the essential peels and tools you will need when cooking pizzas in a wood-fired pizza oven. This kit includes tools that are actually used by pizza chefs in pizza restaurants and are not just gimmicks or tools that are not required. I can guarantee that if you own a woodfired pizza oven then you will utilise all of the tools in this pizza oven tool kit. 

With this 6-piece stainless steel complete pizza tool/accessory kit (1 shovel, 1 rake,1 peel, 1 brush, 1 spinner and a free-standing pizza tool rack), you'll be cooking pizzas to perfection and enjoying the process along the way. These essential pizza oven accessories will help you cook easily, and safely and serve up pizza swiftly. 







9. Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Flaming Coals


If you are considering purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven then you are the type of person that takes pride in your cooking and loves to cook up a feast that pleases your family, your friends and even the neighbours. The Flaming coals Wood Fired Pizza Oven has been a hit in Australia, in particular throughout the Italian community with one family ordering an additional 17 ovens after the first oven was purchased and used for a celebration. 




10.Flaming Coals Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer with Folding Probe and Bottle Opener 

This Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer with Folding Probe and Bottle Opener is the perfect partner for low-n-slow cooking or in a hectic kitchen with a fast response time of 4 seconds. The magnetic backing means you'll never lose another thermometer as you can stick it to the side of your smoker or BBQ or whack on the fridge in the kitchen.




Still not sure what's the best Christmas present? Check out the list of products we've prepared for you to help you in your decision-making. Why not get a gift voucher? Just click the button below to see available gift vouchers.



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by: Rhiannon Peterson