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Traeger Timberline 1300 BBQ Meat Smoker - BUNDLE

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Traeger Timberline 1300 BBQ Meat Smoker - BUNDLE


This bundle include:

Traeger Timberline 1300 BBQ Meat Smoker

Model: TFB01WLEC

Live a flavour full life with the Traeger Timberline 1300 BBQ Meat Smoker because now controlling your grill is as easy as pulling out your phone! Unlock the full power of your grill by using the latest WiFIRE® Technology. It allows you to adjust your grill's temperatures automatically, control your smoker wherever you are just by using your phone via Traeger App. With its barrel shape, double-wall stainless steel interior and airtight gasket, it creates a vortex of convection in the cooking chamber surrounding your food with wood-fired heat for even cooking on all sides. You also have access to an adjustable stainless steel grate system so you can load it up with a true feast.

The Traeger Timberline 1300 has the ability to cook 12 full sized pork shoulders, 12 whole chickens,  or 15 racks of pork ribs making is ready for any event regardless of size.

Cast Iron Griddle Hotplate 50x25
Model: EF-203

Turn your grill into a breakfast station. Caramelize onions while you cook your burgers. Grill your favourite sandwiches panini-style on the double-sided reversible Cast Iron Griddle Hotplate 50 x 25cm.  This cast iron griddle can be used above an open fire, over hot coals and even over your gas stove. Find a heat source and then you can BBQ as you would on your BBQ at home

Wood Smoking Pellets Apple 9kg

Wood Smoking Pellets 9kg are a very economical way to create smoke and so easy to use, they give off a very pure smoke that is very consistent and long lasting due to their compact make up. 

Pellet Benefits:

  • Easy and clean to use & store
  • No Soaking Required  
  • Only a third of a cup needed per use when used in a Hark Gas or Electric Smoker

Butchers Paper Competition Grade 24"x200" 

For those in the food sector, such as butchers, deli and grocery store owners, Butchers Paper Competition Grade 24"x200" by Kosmos Q improves the aspect of meat while also ensuring food safety and optimal handling. Sandwiches, barbecue, fresh meats, poultry, and seafood all look better with the pink colour. All Kosmos pink butcher paper has been approved by the FDA and is used by top chefs and competition teams around the world.

Jalapeno Popper Tray - 36 Hole - Flaming Coals

Model: POP36

Be ready with the perfect party food! Now you can easily make your own tasty Jalapeño Poppers with the Jalapeno Popper Tray – 36 holes! Either stuffed, seasoned or wrapped, Jalapeno Poppers are an extraordinary treat that will never fail to surprise your guests! With the Jalapeño Popper Tray, it will be a summer breeze to grill, bake or smoke these delicious appetizers that will blow everyone’s mind.

picture showing the Jalapeno Poppers tray


Flaming Coals Ultimate 4 Rub Pack


This pack includes :

Bovine Espresso Brisket BBQ Rub 332g - Flaming Coals - is the perfect companion for all things beef and is classed by many as one of the best steak, brisket & beef rubs in Australia.

Traditional Greek Lamb Rub by Flaming Coals - is a full-flavoured blend of herbs and spices making it the perfect companion for all lamb dishes. Whether it's lamb on the spit, cutlets on the BBQ's or a leg in the smoker, Flaming Coals Traditional Rub is all you need. The flavour profile you will get is one that you would have tasted if you ever purchased roast lamb in a Greek restaurant. 

The Porkinator Pork Rub | Flaming Coals - a game-changer in the world of BBQ. Get ready to elevate your pork dishes to new heights with this tantalising blend of flavours.

Flaming Coals Clucking Mad Chicken Rub is an amazing combination of herbs and spices that will cause your taste buds to explode. Whether you're cooking whole chickens, breast or thigh, the Flaming Coals Clucking Mad chicken rub is to be a winner for the entire family


Brand Traeger
Shipping Weight 121.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.209m
Shipping Height 0.694m
Shipping Length 1.477m
Shipping Cubic 1.239270942m3
Type BBQ Smoker