The Ultimate Guide to BBQ Christmas Gifts: For Every Budget and Need


Get ready to fire up the BBQ and spread some festive cheer because the holiday season is upon us! 


At BBQ Spit Rotisseries, we've meticulously curated a list of the top 10 selling products that cater to every budget and barbecue enthusiast's needs. Whether you're shopping for the seasoned pitmaster or the backyard grilling novice, our handcrafted selection is designed to make this holiday season sizzle with excitement. 


Join us as we explore an array of exceptional gifts that will delight grillmasters and barbecue aficionados alike, ensuring that this Christmas is one to remember.

Our top rated BBQ Gifts Under $50


  1. Heat Resistant Gloves | Long Sleeve BBQ Gloves



If you own a charcoal BBQ, smoker or fireplace then you can't escape the fact that you are dealing with hot burning fire all the time. This means that there is a high probability you will eventually burn your hands or even your arms. Prevention is better than cure and the best way to stop yourself from getting burnt is by using High-temperature heatproof gloves.


  1. Flaming Coals BBQ Sauce 3 Pack Combo



Flaming Coals Hot BBQ Sauce will provide the heat you’re looking for, which works especially well with pulled pork or chicken wings, but will add a tasty spice to any dish.  Let the Flaming Coals Sweet Honey BBQ Sauce be that special flavour you’re looking for. And the Flaming Coals Classic BBQ Sauce is a fresh take on that legendary flavour you know and love.


  1. Flaming Coals Ultimate Rub Pack




Whether you are cooking Chicken Gyros or preparing Briskets and Steaks or even craving for Lamb dishes, Ultimate Rub pack is all you need. So if you are planning to cook in your backyard with family and friends, grab this Rub pack and you will be completely covered.

4. Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer 240 Degree Rotation Probe


This Digital Instant Read BBQ Thermometer with 240 Degree Rotation Probe is the perfect partner for low-n-slow cooking or in a hectic kitchen with a fast response time of 4 seconds. The magnetic backing means you'll never lose another thermometer as you can stick it to the side of your smoker or BBQ or whack on the fridge in the kitchen.


      5. Jaccard Meat Tenderiser | Pork and Chicken Skin Stabber


This product is very handy for tenderising as well as piercing skin. With 3 rows of 16 blades it easily penetrated the meat, enhances the effects of marinates and reduces cooking time by up to 40%. To use the Jaccard Meat Tenderizer, place it on the top side of the meat and press down firmly. This pushes the sharp blades down into the meat, helping to break up toughened muscle, connective tissues, and allowing your marinade to penetrate quickly.  


Our top rated BBQ Gifts Under $100


  1. Electric Charcoal Starter Wand by Flaming Coals


The Flaming Coals Electric Charcoal Starter Wand is an effortless way to light charcoal, wood chips, chunks, pellets and even kindling in your fireplace. No need for firelighters or lighter fluid that can affect the taste of your food.


  1. Jumbuck Ultimate Spit Accessories

Expand the possibilities of your Jumbuck Mini Spit with this pack of must-have rotisserie accessories. 




Our top rated BBQ Gifts Under $200

  1. 57cm Kettle Rotisserie Kit | Flaming Coals


Now you can use your 57cm, 22" Kettle as a smoker, charcoal BBQ and a rotisserie. This spit kit will let you spit roast mouth-water pork, chicken or beef. Nothing beats meat that has been constantly self-marinated in its own juices as it slowly rotates above the charcoal, the kettle|weber rotisserie kit will give you the equipment to cook these delicious meals at home. 





  1. Mini Spit Roaster Charcoal BBQ - Black 3v Motor | Flaming Coals



Just because you're heading camping, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some great food! The Flaming Coals Mini Spit Rotisserie with Windshield and Battery operated motor folds into a briefcase making it a breeze to take anywhere. Add heat beads, briquettes or charcoal and you're ready to cook.


  1. EspetoSul Premium BBQ Rotisserie Kit


If you own a weber kettle or any type of charcoal BBQ and wish to add a rotisserie to it, then an EspetoSul is what you need. It's the easiest way to start spit roasting on your kettle BBQ.





Gift Cards

If you're not quite sure which BBQ, accessory or tool to pick, a BBQ Spit Rotisseries gift card is the perfect solution. It allows your loved one to choose their own ideal gift and ensures they get exactly what they need for their next BBQ adventure.


This Christmas, show your appreciation for the BBQ enthusiast in your life with a gift that fuels their passion for outdoor cooking. With these top 10 picks you're sure to make their Christmas sizzle with excitement. Happy BBQing and happy holidays!


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by: Michael Wilkie