Charcoal BBQ


Who doesn't love a charcoal BBQ right? Charcoal BBQing in Australian has come a long way in the last 5-10 years which move people realising that nothing quite beats the smokey flavour of a steak charcoal BBQ'd over mallee root.

Nowadays, so many customers come into our store who already own 3 or 4 charcoal BBQs, all for different purposes. Whether it's a kettle, spit roaster (big, small, portable) or a charcoal smoker, they all have a place in the average Australians backyard.

Gone are the days where charcoal BBQs played second fiddle to their gas "BBQ" cousins because of the perceived difficulty of use. There are so many gadgets for lighting charcoal, in 10-15 minutes, your grill can be hot and you'll be cooking.

Need a hand choosing which charcoal BBQ is right for you? Or do you need some hits and tips for lighting charcoal quickly and easily every time? No problem! Give one of our charcoal cooking experts a call and lets talk charcoal BBQs!


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