Spit Rotisserie Accessories


Here at BBQ Spit Rotisseries, we have a variety of spit rotisserie accessories to suit a range of skewer thicknesses and purposes. Whether you need accessories to attach a whole lamb or pig, forks to attach chickens or roasts, discs to cook gyros and skewers to spike your meat. We have the lot! 


Due to the number of spit rotisseries accessories available, this category has been separated into sub-categories to try to make navigation a little easier. 

  • Large spit rotisserie accessories include anything that will fit on our large spit roasters, or a skewer which is bigger than 10mm in diameter.
  • Cyprus spit rotisserie accessories include anything that will fit on our Cyprus Spit Grills, or a skewer which is less than 10mm square in diameter.
  • Auspit accessories include accessories specifically designed for the Auspit
  • Skewers, as the name suggests, includes all the different diameter and lengths of skewers available.  


We understand that finding the right spit rotisserie accessories can be difficult because spit roasting isn't something that you probably do every day. We live and breathe spit roasting every day, so if you need some help talking through all the options, we're here to assist. 


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