Top 10 BBQS for Black Friday Cyber Monday


As the holiday season approaches, barbecue enthusiasts and grillmasters alike eagerly await the biggest shopping weekend of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 


Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard grilling novice, this is the time to snag incredible deals on the latest and greatest BBQs and grilling equipment. 


In this blog post, we've handpicked the "Top 10 BBQs for Black Friday Cyber Monday." Get ready to discover the hottest charcoal barbecues, smokers, spit roasters, pizza ovens and Parrilla Grills that will elevate your outdoor cooking game and make this holiday season one to remember. 


Whether you're searching for the perfect gift or upgrading your own backyard setup, our expert recommendations and exclusive discounts will help you make the most of this shopping extravaganza! So, fire up your appetite and prepare to savour the flavours of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the world of BBQs!


Spit Rotisseries 


#1 - Deluxe Foukou Cyprus Grill Spit

Deluxe Cyprus spit charcoal grill model with all the bells and whistles including an extra-thick 3mm body plus stainless steel charcoal pan. The must-have versatile charcoal BBQ for your balcony.



# 2 - Auspit Silver
The Auspit Compact Spit Roast Kit - Silver is battery-operated and can cook up to 8kg of meat. It is unique and easy to use. 



#3 - Dual Fuel Spit Roaster 1000 | Flaming Coals

​​Look no further as this is the versatile charcoal and gas spit roaster you have been looking for without breaking the bank. The Flaming Coals Dual Fuel Spit Roaster 1000 gives you the ability to cook with charcoal for full, robust, traditional flavour along with the option to cook solely with gas should the need arise when you can't cook with solid fuel or you forget to buy your charcoal. This spit roaster is perfect for cooking up to 10kg of chickens, rolled roasts or gyros and comes with a handy hood to help cook your food faster when on gas and protect it from those pesky guests and their picky fingers.




Portable Charcoal BBQs


#4 - SnS Travel Kettle 


Tailgaters, campers, and backyard cooks will appreciate the versatility of a kettle-style charcoal grill with a portable but generous 18-inch cooking surface.



#5 - Flaming Coals Mini Spit

Just because you're heading camping, doesn't mean you can't enjoy some great food! The Flaming Coals Mini Spit Rotisserie with Windshield and Battery operated motor folds into a briefcase making it a breeze to take anywhere. Add heat beads, briquettes or charcoal and you're ready to cook.



Parilla Grills


#6 - Argentine Parrilla Grill

With the Argentine Parrilla BBQ you can become the parrillero (Grill Master) and feed your family and friends an Asado feast they will never forget. This is an easy-to-use height-adjustable Charcoal BBQ for your home.




#7 - Argentinian Parrilla Grill 60 x 44cm

The Argentinian Parilla Grill 60 x 44cm is the adjustable grill and height adjustment system from our free-standing Argentine Parrilla Asado Grill available as a DIY drop-in insert. You can now transform your BBQ or firepit into a Parrilla grill.



Pizza Ovens


#8 - Wood Fired Pizza Oven Large 

If you are considering purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven then you are the type of person that takes pride in your cooking and loves to cook up a feast that pleases your family, your friends and even the neighbours. The Flaming Coals Wood Fired Pizza Oven has been a hit in Australia




Smokers & Pellet Grills


#9 - Flaming Coals Offset Smoker

If you are looking for a solid and sturdy Texas-style offset smoker without breaking the budget, then the Offset Smoker BBQ by flaming coals is the logical choice. For added durability and efficiency, this smoker is constructed out of 3 & 4mm thick steel making it strong, the extra thickness in the body means less fuel is needed to maintain your desired cooking temperatures and together with the 20mm wide heat sealing tape around the cook chambers doors makes this one of the best value, heavy duty, high quality offset smokers available in Australia.


#10 - Traeger Pro 575

Feel like a pro using the Traeger Pro Series 575 Pellet Grill! Get ready to truly enjoy top-class dishes and flavours, because the Traeger Pro Series 575 has enough grill space and firepower to grill anything you throw at it to perfection. It has amazing control over temperature and time with the meat probe and WiFire app so you will not stay up all night cooking your favourite brisket.




Our Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend offers a golden opportunity for you to score INCREDIBLE savings on top-of-the-line BBQs and accessories. If there’s something not on our ‘Top 10 BBQs for Black Friday’ list that you’d like a deal on, give us a call and talk to our expert team. We’ve tried to cover a wide range of options to suit every BBQers needs and preferences. 


Gear up, shop smart and get ready to savour every delicious moment that your new BBQ will bring to your table! Happy BBQing and we hope to see you this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


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by: Michael Wilkie