Fire Pits

A fire pit is a bowl-shaped structure that is used to contain fire. Fire pits are typically made of metal, stone, or bricks. They are often used for cooking food or for providing warmth in outdoor spaces. Some fire pits are portable, making them ideal for camping trips. Others are permanent fixtures in backyards or patios. In addition to providing heat, fire pits can also be used for entertainment or relaxation. Many people enjoy gathering around a fire pit to roast marshmallows or tell stories. Some fire pits even come equipped with grills, making them perfect for cooking food outdoors. Whether you use it for cooking, entertainment, or simply to enjoy the outdoors, a fire pit can be a great addition to any home.


Fire Pit FAQs

Selling hundreds of fire pits every year we can highly recommend the range of Auspit and Flaming Coals fire pits as some of the best cost-effective and well-made products in the fire pit category. 

This depends on the size of the fire, the fuel choice and many other factors. You need to work out how large of an area you want to heat and then choose the best fire pit for those requirements. 

Around 800mm round is a great size for most Australian backyards.

Yes, fire pits are a fantastic way to stay warm during Australian winters while outside

Yes, most fire pits are designed to be left outside in the elements

There are a few things you should avoid putting in your fire pit. One is garbage. Obviously, this will create a lot of smoke and cause the fire to smell bad. It can also cause the fire to spread if the garbage is combustible. Another thing to avoid is chemicals. This includes things like gasoline, paint thinners, and other solvents. They can release toxic fumes when burned and should be disposed of properly. Finally, avoid putting glass or aluminium in the fire pit. They can melt and release harmful chemicals into the air.

The 72cm round flaming coals fire pit is a fantastic fire pit for a small Australian backyard. It’s cost-effective and delivers ample heating.