Smoker Accessories


Compliment your meat smoker with our range of meat smoker accessories. Whether it be wood chips, chunks, pellets or sawdust to get that unmistakeable flavour in to your meats or injectors and rubs to take your flavours to the next level, we have smoker accessories to cater for all needs.

Protect your smoker with custom-fit protective covers, seal in that smoke and heat with sealing tapes and sealants or choose from a number of racks, trays, grills to get those perfect results every time, from our smokers accessories range.


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How to choose Smoking Wood for your BBQ Smoker
By Rhiannon Peterson on 24 April 2016 (0) Comments

With so many different types of wood available, it can be a bit confusing knowing which type of wood to use for which type of meat. Mesquite is great for cooking beef, but will absolutely destroy chicken or pork.... continue reading
Using an EZ-Smoker To Cold Smoke Cheese
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Everyone has heard about hot smoking a delicious pulled pork, a pull apart brisket or a scrumptous ribs, but smoking cheese? Who would have thought that smoking dairy would taste so good. When cold smoking cheese, you aren't cooking the cheese... continue reading
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