Slow ‘N Sear® Kamado - Additional Highlights and Benefits

Slow ‘N Sear® Kamado - Additional Highlights and Benefits


Two zones are better than one.

Based on a centuries-old design, today's kamado-style grills are well known for their thick, insulated walls and excellent heat retention. Coals are typically placed in the lower portion of the cooker, and food is placed on an upper cooking grate, resulting in a one-zone cooking environment. Whether cooking low and slow or at temperatures of 700°+ F for searing, the temperature is uniform across the grill's cooking surface.



The Slow ‘N Sear® Kamado has all of the desirable features of a high-quality Kamado cooker but then also delivers more. Using our SnS Grills Slow n Sear kamado with the patented Slow n Sear charcoal basket in the cooking chamber improves the performance and versatility of the Kamado by turning your traditional one-zone cooking chamber into a true two-zone cooking environment. This makes the Slow N Sear Kamado the most versatile kamado on the market.


By inserting the Slow n Sear into the Kamado, Coals are held higher in the grill and separated from the rest of the chamber by a vertical wall of water. This design accomplishes a number of firsts in kamado cooking: 

  • Dedicated two zones cooking at the same time, by creating direct and indirect zones.
  • Proper searing capabilities created by the direct heat from burning coals (not heat stored up in a cooking grate)
  • Refuelling in EASY, there is easy access to coals at the cooking grate level.
  • Improved smoke flavour by producing more smoke and cleaner smoke with TurboSlow™ technology.


This image show a traditional Kamado.This image shows a Slow 'n Sear two-zone cooking

What is TurboSlow™ 

More smoke, cleaner smoke, better taste!

This image explains what TurboSLow is

The increase in airflow, stronger fire and increase in smoke generation does not mean that the Slow n Sear Kamado is inefficient, burns too hot and burns through too much fuel. It's the perfect balance of efficiency and performance so you get the flavour and results you would expect from a premium cooker. Better Bark, Cleaner Smoke and Better Smoke Flavour!


Unmatched searing ability

Sear over a direct flame at temperatures exceeding 1,000° F.

The Slow ‘N Sears elevated coal placement also allows for direct searing over a high heat flame. The ultimate kamado searing experience can only be archived in a kamado with the use of the supplied Slow N Seat Basket to hold the coals and concentrates heat.

It's also incredibly simple to use front or reverse-searing techniques with the two zone cooking environments available at all times! There will be no long waits for your grill to heat up (or cool down).

High heat cooking that is created while searing requires a long-lasting high-quality cooking grate; our stainless steel Two-Zone Cooking grate is included with our Kamado BBQ Package.


Additional Product Highlights

Premium Ceramic Construction

Cordierite (50%) premium ceramic construction for maximum thermal retention and durability. We kiln our bowls hotter and for a longer period of time than other grills to ensure that cracking is never an issue.



Stainless steel cradle

Reinforced bowl support for maximum stability; rolling casters on all four legs allow you to position the grill wherever you need it, and front locking casters keep it there.


This image shows a stainless steel cradle


Two spring-loaded hinges

Durable stainless steel construction; simple and consistent up/down motion. Even when thermometer probe wires are run under the lid, a thick, high-temperature, flexible felt gasket fitted around the top lid and bottom bowl forms a tight seal.


This image shows a close up shot of hinge on the slow n sear kamado



Traditional kamado operation

With the included ceramic diffuser plate, you can use the kamado in a more traditional mode if you choose to.


This image shows a diffuser plate in the Slow n Sear kamado



Dual side shelves

Weather-resistant collapsible shelving provides 460 sq. in. of convenient table space. Hinges and brackets are made of stainless steel.


This image shows a dual side shelves


Extra cooking area

The stainless steel Elevated Cooking Grate adds 180 square inches of cooking space. Increase the amount of space available for low and slow cooking, or diversify your grilling styles by placing the rack over the coals for “Santa Maria”-style cooking. Sold separately and also available with the Slow 'N Sear Kamado Combo


This image shows a kamado with stainless steel elevated cooking grate.




  • Height:  48 inches (122cm)
  • Width (with shelves extended): 55 inches (193cm)
  • Depth: 30 inches (76cm)
  • Weight: 231 pounds (104kg)



  • Lifetime on ceramic
  • 10 Years on stainless cooking accessories
  • 5 years on all other parts 
  • 1 year on dome thermometer