How to cook Chicken Wings using the SnS Kettle BBQ

This image shows two flavours of chicken wings.


Step 1: Begin by seasoning your chicken wings with your favourite chicken rub, today we will be using the Slow Burner BBQ ‘Chicken Charger’ rub. 


This image shows Slow Burner Bbq Chicken Charger Rub

This image shows chicken wings seasoned with Slow Burner Bbq


Step 2: Using the removable centre grill, spray the grill with your desired oil to prevent sticking. 


This image shows Westy holding the SNS Removable kettle grill


Step 3: Arrange the wings around the grill


This image shows chicken wings assembled on SNS Removable kettle grill


Step 4: Place the loaded grill into the kettle with the kettle kone placed in the centre. This will help to disperse heat around the chicken wing for crispy skin!


This image shows the chicken wings on removable kettle placed on SNS Kettle

Step 5: Heat your Kosmos Q Rib Glaze over the charcoal ready to glaze half the wings.


This image shows the kosmos rib glaze heated on Kettle kone and chicken wings.


Step 6: Prepare the Alabama white sauce for the other half.

Alabama White Sauce Prep:


Step 7:  Combine 1 cup of mayo, ⅓ cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp chipotle in abode sauce, 1tbsp mustard powder, garlic granules, dill tips, sugar crystals, lemon juice from 1 and ½ big lemons into a bowl and mix thoroughly. 

This image shows mayonaise and apple cider

This image shows adobo sauce and other spices.

This image shows lemon and Alabama sauce

This image shows alabama sauce in a bowl



Step 8: Coat half of the wings in your white sauce and the other half in your Kosmos Q Rib Glaze.


This image shows chicken coated in Alabaman sauce and Rib Glaze


Step 9: Place back onto the grill until the glazes have set


This image shows chicken wings coated in Alabama sauce and Rib Glaze


Step 10: Serve immediately once the internal temperature has reached 170 degrees Fahrenheit

This image shows Cooked chicken wings.




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by: Michael Wilkie