How to Cook a Steak on Auspit

Steak cooked on auspit


In this cook, we decided to use a tomahawk, because let’s face they look impressive and are bloody delicious! However, you can grill whatever steak you like!

Prepare your meat: 

Begin by trimming your cut of meat removing any excess fat or skin that won’t render well when cooking. 



Next season the meat with your choice of BBQ rub, we used the Flaming Coals Bovine Espresso, however, feel free to use your desired rub! 

Steak seasoned with Flaming Coals Bovine Espresso


Season your steak with Flaming Coals Bovine Espresso



Prepare your fire: 

For this cook, we are using the Auspit Fire Pit - designed to be taken anywhere when camping or even perfect for backyard cooks. What we like about the design is that it is a completely boltless flat-pack design. Meaning no missing parts when you get to the great outdoors!


Steak is placed on auspit.


We used ironbark splits as our fuel of choice. To light, the fire begins by building a tent-like pyramid of kindling in the centre of the pit light with firelighters. Once flames are gaining momentum we added the splits. To get this progressing we aided the fire with more oxygen using our Flaming Coals Charcoal Starter wand (however this isn’t necessary).



Cooking your steak: 

Attach your Auspit Stainless Steel folding grill to the Auspit pole and position it at your designed height. 



This image shows a steak on auspit


Once your steak has reached an internal temperature of 110f place the steak directly into the coals to char off the bark. Once the steak reaches an internal temperature of 135f remove the steak and allow it to rest for 10 minutes before cutting. 


Steak is placed directly in charcoal.




Pro tip - if you haven’t got a temp probe invest in one - they are simple to use and are the only way to ensure you’re getting a perfect cook every time. 


Cut, serve and enjoy that delicious medium-rare tomahawk …



Steak is served



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by: Cameron Davidson