How to cook Beef chili stuffed capsicums using a Flaming Coals Offset Smoker

This image shows beef chili capsicum

Prepare your beef chilli: 


1. Dice your chuck beef, brown onion, red chilli, jalapenos and garlic. 


This image shows diced chuck beef


2. Season your beef using the slow burner BBQ Tex Mex rub


This image shows seasoned chuck beef


3. Drain your beans (4 bean mix and black beans) and add them to the Flaming Coals Dutch Oven. 


This image shows beans, tomatoes  and beefstock  on the Flaming Coals Dutch Oven


4. Add the canned tomatoes, beef stock, beef, onions, chillies, garlic and jalapenos to the pot. 


This image shows a Flaming Coals dutch oven on the Falming coals offset smoker.


5. For an extra flavour punch add more slow-burner BBQ Tex Mex rub. 

6. Place the dutch oven in the Flaming Coals offset smoker to begin cooking. 


Prepare your capsicums: 

7. Chop the bottom of your capsicums to make them sit flat on the grill. 


This image shows a capsicum is being cut on top


8. Cut the lids off the capsicums tracing down the veins of the capsicum and then scoop all of the seeds out using a spoon. 

9. Boil your rice and add Slow Burner BBQ Tex Mex rub stirring thoroughly. 

10. Scoop the rice into the capsicums and press down to compact. 


This image shows capsicum with rice on top.


11. Add a layer of mozzarella cheese on top of the rice. 


This image shows a capsicum with mozarella cheese on top


12. Then remove your Flaming Coals Dutch oven from the offset and begin stuffing this chilli into the capsicums. Leave enough room in the capsicum for a ‘healthy’ amount of four cheese melt to be added before putting the lid back onto the capsicum. 


This images shows a man begin stuffing this chili into the capsciums


13. Place the completed capsicums onto a baking tray and place them back in the offset until the cook begins to ooze. 


This image shows six pieces of chili capsicum


This image shows capsicum in the baking tray ready to be placed on Flaming Coals offset smoker


Allow sitting on a chopping board for 2-5 minutes before slicing. Enjoy! 

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by: Michael Wilkie