How to prepare Smoked Lollipop Chicken

In this video we will briefly take you through how to prepare Lollipop Chicken with drumsticks for smoking.

Smoked Lollipop ChickenGrab a chopping board, needle-nosed pliers, boning knife and secateurs

Pull down the skin toward the thick end of the drumstick with your hand.

Use the secateurs to begin cutting the skin to expose the tendons. Do this about 2-3cm from the bottom of the drumstick. This will begin to form the handle of our 'Lollipop'.

Make sure you hold the meaty part of the drumstick gently when cutting so that you don't strip the skin off this part of the drumstick.

Use the pliers to pull the tendons from drumstick.

Remove the cartilage from the end of the drumstick.

Next up, use the boning knife to remove the rough edges of the skin and then scrape the remaining flesh off the 'handle'.

Shape the 'Lolly' portion of the drumstick with the boning knife.

And there we have it, 'Lollipop' Chicken. If you want, you can also foil the handle for competition-style presentation



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by: Rhiannon Peterson