Our Favorite Wood Fired Pizza Oven Recipes - More Than Just Pizza!

Our favorite wood fired pizza oven recipes - more than just pizza!


Who wouldn’t want to (responsibly) play with fire and eat pizza? Wood-fired pizza ovens offer a great ambience in your backyard cooking area as well as cooking fantastic, tasty food. The name is a little misleading though. Sure, pizza might be one of the best things you can cook in it, but it’s really a wood-fired oven. You can roast and bake in it too - all with the super-taste-power of a wood fire. Wood-fired potatoes? Yep. Wood-fired loaves of bread? Sure. Wood-fired cake? If you like. The point is you can pretty much cook anything you might put in your kitchen oven in your wood-fired oven and make it tastier because it’s cooked with real fire.

Here are some of our favourite wood-fired pizza oven recipes:

This picture showing a a delicious desert pizza cooked during Flame and Coals Kids Comp 2019

Of course, pizza in a wood-fired pizza oven is on top of the list. You can put whatever your favourite toppings are on your pizza - the main thing is that you make fresh pizza dough - it makes all the difference.
Here’s our recipe for fresh pizza dough.



  • 525mL water, take (2/3 hot and 1/3 cold)
  • 1 Tsp of Active Dry yeast
  • 2 Tsp salt
  • 2 Tblsp of brown sugar (if desired)
  • 835g flour (all-purpose pastry blend)


Take flour, salt and yeast, mix slowly and pour in hot water and blend together. Once blended, place dough on a cutting board for kneading, placing a little flour on the board to prevent sticking. Now, slowly knead the dough. After the dough is firm, place it into a bowl and cover it with a clean cloth for about an hour. Once the hour is up, knead firmly and place it back in the bowl and let it sit for another hour. Divide dough into at least 7 portions. Roll the sections flat and then twirl, working your dough wider.

a picture showing cooked roated lamb leg

Roasted leg of lamb
If you enjoy roast lamb, making it in a wood-fired oven takes the flavour to the next level. Check out our recipe for wood-fired oven-roasted lamb.


<span>Photo by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@maciejka_dslr?utm_source=unsplash&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText">Maciej Karoń</a> on <a href="https://unsplash.com/s/photos/bread?utm_source=unsplash&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditCopyText">Unsplash</a></span>


Wood-fired bread
The crusty outer and soft centre of freshly cooked bread is reason enough to have a wood-fired oven in your backyard. Here is our recipe for making it.

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by: Rhiannon Peterson