How to cook Super Simple Sweet & Spicy Chicken wings in a Kettle BBQ with a Kettle Kone

This image shows Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings Cooked on Kettle BBQ

Sweet & Spicy Wings by Boomas BBQ

Boomas BBQ is one of the most well-known barbecuers in Australia and a self-confessed BBQ addict. Booma is a competition barbecuer, guest star in Channel 7's Dippers Backyard BBQ Wars, a BBQ caterer, a creator of 4 outstanding BBQ rubs and 2022 BBQ personality of the year nominee. There is no better man to teach you how to cook the best chicken wings than Booma!


Today we are cooking hot and fast chicken wings with super crispy skin and golden crunchy texture. Right let’s get straight into it 


Ingredients list: 


Cook time: 25 minutes 


Difficulty: Easy




1. Place your wings in a large bowl and cover them with a generous amount of Clucked and Plucked BBQ Rub. Toss them around. 


This image shows chicken wings being seasoned with Boomas Clucked and Plucked BBq Rub


2. Then they go straight onto the Kettle BBQ set up with an optional removable centre grill and kettle kone. Place the chicken wings on the outside of the grill and put the lid on.


This image shows Chicken Wings cooked on Kettle BBQ


3. While your wings are cooking it’s time to make your sweet and spicy sauce! Combine your sriracha, honey, vinegar, butter and sugar in a pot and put it over heat and mix until you reach a smooth consistency. 

4. When your wings are probing an internal temperature of 75°C it's time to remove them from the Kettle BBQ and sauce them in your bowl. 


This_image_shows_Chicken_wings_are_probing_an internal_temperature_of_75°C


5. Serve immediately and enjoy these super simple - yet flavour packed chicken wings! 




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by: Michael Wilkie