How to cook an Award Winning Steak using a Kettle BBQ

This image shows Westy from Slow Burner Bbq with the ingredients for cooking SCA winning steak


Today we are going to show you all of the behind-the-scenes secrets and tips used by Australia’s top pitmasters to win the world-famous Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) coveted ‘best steak’ golden ticket!

But don’t worry, if the competition scene isn’t your jam all of these secrets will help you be king of the cue in your very own backyard! So, let’s get to it!

We are using scotch fillets commonly referred to as ‘rib eyes’. You’re looking for a high marble score and a big spinalis. This is what the judges will be eating at the comp! 


This image shows Westy from slow burner bbq shows the scotch fillet


Begin preparing your steak by removing the excess fat and skin and shaping your steak into a more uniform rounded shape so it presents better in the box.


This image shows a man trimming the fat of Scotch Fillet

This image shows a man trimming the excess the fat of scotch fillet


Once you have trimmed the steak it’s time to tenderise the steak using a ‘Jaccard's. Firmly press the blades into the steak evenly across the whole cut of meat, this will undoubtedly lead to a greater end result. 


This image shows a man tenderise the meat using Jaccard


Using a good quality string, tie the outside of your steak. This prevents any of the meat from peeling off during the cooking process and helps to maintain that perfect round shape. Remember to double-knot the string for maximum security. 


This image shows ties the steak using the string


Now it's time to apply the base rub to the steak. We are using ‘Boars Night Out - White Lightning’. A sensational rub widely used across the competition BBQ circuit, this rub has been used on countless winning steak entries. It should be a staple in every serious BBQer’s collection. Season both sides and edges thoroughly. 


This image shows Westy from Slow Burner Bbq holding the Boars night out white lightning rub.

This image shows a man seasoning the steak using the White Lightning Rub

This image shows a man seasoning the steak with white lightning rub.


Here's the pro tip - allow this rub to sit on the steak for a solid 10-15 minutes to draw out excess moisture and penetrate the steak. 


This image shows a steaks seasoned with Boars Night Out White Lightning Rub


Now apply the top rub, in today’s cook we are using ‘Slow Burner BBQ - Beef Boost’, however, you can use whatever beef-inspired rub you like. For example Flaming Coals Bovine Espresso or Hardcore Carnivore Black.


This image shows a man adding beef boost rub to the steak


However, if you find your rub is too coarse - this may stick to the grill grates during the cooking process. We thoroughly recommended using a coffee grinder to get the rub into a fine powder-like consistency. If your rub has a lot of pepper, this will also help those flavours become more pronounced. 


This image shows a man blends the rub into dust consistency

This image shows blended rub into dust consistency


Lighting your Kettle BBQ

In today’s cook, we are using the SnS Kettle out of the United States. This truly is a weapon and lives up to its reputation of being the most versatile charcoal BBQ on the planet!

We are using 52 Heat Beads Coconut charcoal briquettes in our cook today, being lit with heat beads fire starters. However, we also recommend using good lump charcoal like the Flaming Coals Lump charcoal for maximum flavour. 


This image shows Briquettes,charcoal chimney, SNS kettle


Once fully lit, pour the chimney into the SnS charcoal basket and place your grill grates above the fire. At this point, this is your opportunity to melt butter in a small pot ready to glaze your steaks. 


This image shows lit briquettes poured in SNS charcoal basket

This image shows a butter melts on a pan

Our desired grill temperature is 580f or 304c. This should be achieved before placing the steaks on. Also be cautious not to run your grates too hot, as this will burn your steaks. 


This image shows 580f temperature of the grill


It is essential to thoroughly clean your grates with a quality bbq wire brush before any cooking. Once cleaned, liberally apply a spray based oil to ensure a non-stick surface for your steaks. 


this image shows cleaning the grills

This image shows a man adding oil to the grates


Place the steak on the grill once at temp. Use the Flaming Coals Burger Press on top of the steak for weight as this will help to achieve the grill lines.


This image shows a steak on the grill

This image shows a burger press on the top of the steak

Close the kettle bbq lid, and set a timer for 1 minute 37 seconds. This time is pretty spot on to achieve the perfect medium-rare steak.

Between your flips, it is imperative you clean the grill grates using your wire brush and remember to re-oil. 


Once you have achieved the perfect grill marks and your steaks have reached an internal temperature of 135f or 57c it is time to remove them from the grill. At this point remember to add a generous amount of melted butter.


This image shows 135F temperature of steak

This image shows a melted butter added on steak.

Place your steak immediately into a foil wrap and allow it to rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing. 


This image shows a steak wrapped in foil


Slice and enjoy your incredibly tender, juicy steak. Your friends and family are going to be extremely impressed! 


This image shows the perfect SCA winning steak

This image shows the perfect winning steak


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by: Michael Wilkie