How to make Smash Burgers on a Weber Kettle BBQ and Plancha (hotplate)



Smashed burgers are all the rage these days - and for good reason! They're delicious, juicy, and easy to make. But if you're using a weber kettle bbq, there's a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure your burgers turn out perfectly. Here's how to make the best smash burgers on a weber kettle bbq and plancha (hotplate).

Step 1: Begin by preparing your burger toppings. Slice your tomato as finely as possible. Slice your onion and separate the rings. Slice your iceberg lettuce so you have nice sized pieces. Lay your burger cheese out ready to cook over the patty. 




Step 2: Prepare your burger patty by placing your beef mince into a large bowl, and mix Kosmos Q Competition Sauce through until you get the desired consistency. Form your burger patties into a ball in your hand. 


Step 3: Place your patties onto a sheet of baking paper. Using a burger smasher such as the Flaming Coals Cast Iron Burger Press firmly press down on your burger patties to “smash” them out. Continue this process until you’re happy with the consistency of all the patties. 




Step 4: Season your burger patties with Kosmos Q ‘The Best’ Sizzlin’ Burger rub




Step 5: Toast your burger buns on the SnS plancha inside your kettle bbq


Step 6: Oil your plancha before placing the patty on. Once on the plancha, season the other side of the patty with your bbq rub. 




Step 7: Place the Flaming Coals burger press onto your patties while cooking. This will help keep them flat and cook consistently. 




Step 8: Add your burger cheese to the patty after you have flipped the pattie




Step 9: Once the cheese has melted and the patty is cooked remove it from the plancha 


Step 10: Add a dollop of burger sauce (mustard, ketchup, mayo with chopped pickle) to both the lid and base of the burger buns. 


Step 11: Add your burger patty to the bun, next add your tomato, onion and then iceberg lettuce. 




Step 12: Your burger is ready - enjoy it immediately! 


All in all, making the perfect smash burger is a relatively simple process once you’re armed with the right tools. Being sure to start with good quality ingredients and following each step to the tee is the key to success. If you're planning on tackling this backyard classic, our comprehensive guide should set you off on the right track. Embrace your newfound experience by trying out some of your own unique toppings like adding a few pieces of bacon or grating some cheese right into the patty—your friends will thank you! With even just basic barbecuing tools and knowledge, you can create something really special for your family and guests. And if you don’t have everything needed here at home, be sure to check out our website for all the products we used in today’s cook. Take a deep breath and enjoy quality time underpinned with grilled deliciousness!


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by: Michael Wilkie