How to make the Ultimate Stacker Burger using an SnS Kettle BBQ

This image shows a delicious stacker burger


Step 1: Season your beef patty with your desired beef seasoning, today we are using Slow Burner BBQ ‘Beef Booster’. 


This image shows Westy from Slow Burner Bbq hoding the Beef Booster Rub

This image shows a man seasoning the beef fatty with Slow Burner Bbq booster Rub


Step 2: Season your chicken breast with your desired chicken seasoning, we are using the Slow Burner BBQ ‘Chicken Charger’. 


This image shows a Slow burner Chicken Charger Rub

This image shows chicken breast seasoned with Slow Burner Chicken Charger Rub


Step 3: Cook your bacon in a skillet on the SnS Kettle (season with your desired pork rub).


This image shows bacon cooked on Skillet


Step 4: Place your beef patties and chicken fillet onto the grill


This image shows chicken breasts and Beef fatty cooked on SNS Kettle


Step 5: Add a layer of cheese to the beef patties


This image shows beef fatties with cheese on top cooked on SNS Kettle grill


Step 6: Toast your bun over the charcoal. Pro-tip: use a cooling rack to get them off the coal and control temp. 


This image shows the bun toasted on SNS kettle


Step 7: Begin assembling your burger, add a layer of gherkin relish, lettuce then pulled lamb. 


THis image shows a man assembling the bun with lettuce and pulled lamb


Step 8: Add sliced tomato and onion. A beef patty with melted cheese, bacon, chicken fillet, pickles and then the almighty beef short rib. 


This image shows bacon and fish fillet added to Burger bun

This image shows pickles and short beef ribs added to the burger bun


Step 9: Drizzle your favourite burger sauce over the entire burger


This image shows a man adding burger sauce to the burger stacker


Step 10: Place the brioche bun lid on top. 


This image shows a cool stacker Burger


Step 11: Enjoy

This image shows a man slicing the Stacker burger with Slow Burner Rubs on both sides.


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by: Michael Wilkie