What is a Kettle Kone? How Does it Work and What's Special About It?

The Kettle Kone is an award-winning aftermarket BBQ accessory. It is designed by TB2 BBQ Smokers.

How does it work and what's special about it?

Kettle Kone is designed for Weber barbecues as well as some smokers on the market.  It can be used upside down or right side up depends on what cooking styles and applications, giving you a more cooking option.

It turns your kettle BBQ into a dry fryer and gives your chicken a nice crispy skin. It prevents your meat from burning and stops nasty flare-ups. You can also use it to reverse sear steaks as well.

The Kettle Kone is placed on the centre of the BBQ then charcoal is poured inside and then put the grill on top. It will radiate super hot and basically allows super high temps, so you're able to do fried not fried chicken and actually air fry it. So we can radiate about 600F off these grills. It is designed mainly for Webers but we have for ProQ as well. 

This product is also a competition essential. We used our Kettle Kone to take out 1st Place in the Chicken Wing category of the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) competition at the 2018 Australian BBQ Wars in Port Macquarie - Australia's largest BBQ comp with over 100 teams competing - and earned ourselves an awesome trophy!

Kettle Kone is available for sale, just go to one of our showrooms or you can buy online. 



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by: Cameron Davidson