How to Light an Ooni Pizza Oven



Anyone can now make authentic, wood-fired pizzas at home thanks to the Ooni pizza oven, which has completely transformed the pizza-making industry. Making sure that your oven is properly lit is one of the keys to making pizza successfully. Although it might seem so difficult at first, lighting an Ooni pizza oven is a simple process that can be mastered in a few simple steps. You can quickly start making delicious pizzas by following the instructions in this guide on how to light your Ooni pizza oven.


Step 1. Prepare your Workspace



  • Make sure your workspace is free of clutter and that your Ooni pizza oven is set up on a heat-safe surface before you start. Make sure the pellet hopper and chimney of the oven are clear and clean, and remove any packaging.


Step 2. Choose you Fuel

  • Wood pellets, charcoal, and gas are just a few of the fuels that the Ooni multi-fuel pizza oven can heat up. Select your prefered fuel and add it to the charcoal or pellet hopper of the oven.


  • If you're trying to burn charcoal or wood pellets, light the fuel with a lighter or match. If you're using gas, turn on the gas supply and use a lighter or match to light the burners.





Step 3. Wait for the Oven to Heat UpThis_image_shows_lit_charcoal_in_the_OONI_pizza_oven

  • Allow your Ooni pizza oven to heat up once your fire is lit. It might take 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the fuel you're using. To make sure the oven is getting to the desired temperature, keep an eye on the temperature gauge.



Step 4. Add your Pizza

  • You can add your pizza once your oven reaches the desired temperature. Slide your pizza onto the oven's stone using a pizza peel, then shut the door and let it cook.



Step 5. Monitor your Pizza

  • As your pizza cooks, keep an eye on it and rotate it if necessary with the peel. Your cook time may vary depending on the type of pizza you're making and the oven's temperature.




Step 6. Enjoy your Perfect Pizza

  • Use the peel to take the perfectly cooked pizza out of the oven and place it on a cutting board. Slice it up, then savour your mouthwatering homemade pizza!


Always be cautious and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer for your specific model of Ooni pizza oven. Create delicious wood-fired pizzas in your own backyard as you practise the art of making them in your Ooni pizza oven. Happy making, everyone!




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by: Michael Wilkie